Me-Made-May ’13 – part 2

The second group of five-days-of-Me-Made-May ’13….

6 May
Horses cardigan, green shirt, herringbone pencil skirt, purple tights
Me-made Gingham-To-Go shirt
Horses cardigan from Max
Navy belt – vintage, from a thrift shop
Herringbone wool skirt from WORLD
Purple footless tights with print down side, from a clothes swap party
Knee-high boots – Dr Martens

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: this shirt has had one heck of a lot of wearing since I made it! The pattern instructions were a bit lacking, and as a result I messed up the notched collar in a non-fixable way, which means it a) isn’t really notched, and b) doesn’t sit open like it should. But despite that (unchangeable) mistake, this shirt is a win. I’ve already made it a second time, and I’m gonna be making it again with longer sleeves in the future.

7 May
1940s dress, 1940s cardigan, yellow tights
Me-made All Buttoned Up dress (first time I’ve been able to fit into this since I was about 12 weeks pregnant! Yay! So excited, I love this dress. 🙂 )
Made-by-my-mother cardigan, knitted from a 1940s pattern
Yellow tights from Glassons
Shoes by Poetic License

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment: I love this dress. Ain’t nothin’ that needs changing here! Must make this pattern again….. Soon! (Hmmm. I seem to be saying that about a lot of patterns….)

8 May
1950s dress, maternity dress
Me-made Journey dress
Made-by-my-mother knitted purple wrap cardigan
Dark grey tights, probably Columbine
Dr Marten black knee-high boots

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment: this will be the last time I wear this dress for a while. It’s a maternity dress, which has hooks and eyes at the front waist to expand as a belly grows. But now, it’s just too big for me. Oh well! Two things I’m going to change before I put it into storage though – stitching down the interfacing at the neck (why oh why do they never stay flat?!?!), and reattaching the hooks at the waist – I put them on the wrong way around, with the hook part curving outwards, and as a result they tend to catch on knit tops.

9 May

Me-Made-May '13 outfit.  1970s me-made skirt.

Me-Made-May ’13 outfit. 1970s me-made skirt.

Me-made 70s Lounge skirt
Purple wrap cardigan from Episode
Black nursing singled from The Warehouse
Purple tights, either Columbine or Glassons
Black heels from Ziera

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment: first time I’ve been able to wear this for ages – yay! 🙂 (It’s exciting finding I can fit into a couple of things again – thanks Me Made May for making me reach to the depths of my wardrobe in desperation!) I like this skirt, the only thing I’d alter is the hem – I did a machine hem, and I’m tempted (although not yet convinced I can be bothered) to go back and do a hand-stitched invisible hem instead…..

10 May
Me-Made-May '13, 1940s me-made blouse
Me-made Johanna shirt
Blue cardigan from Glassons
Black skirt from Juli Hunter
Black ultra-hi Converse sneakers

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment: this shirt is all good. Good length, good fit, and it has snap fasteners instead of buttons – gotta love that. 🙂 Must get around to tacking down the facing on the inside, though….

And there we have it – another five days of Me-Made-May ’13, along with a bunch more things added to my to-do list! How’s your Me-Made wearing going? Learnt anything about your self-made wardrobe yet?? (Go on, tell me! I’m curious!!)

13 responses to “Me-Made-May ’13 – part 2

  1. Lovely outfits all around! I especially like the green skirt. And that horse cardigan was a good find!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Oh yes, I’m very happy with the horse cardigan – I think it’s going to get a lot of wear. (And conveniently it goes well with a lot of my me-made garments, too!)

  2. Love that you also wear longer skirt lengths when the weather turns cold! I, for one, get tired of trousers all the time.

  3. So many pretties. I’m loving the amount of handknits from your Mum.

    • Wearing the jerseys she’s knitted me is one of my favourite things about winter. 🙂 (I live in hope that one day, maybe, she’ll get bored of knitting for little babies and make me something again…. One day…. *fingers crossed*)

  4. Great pics Kat! Wish I was playing along too!

    • You’ll have to play next year! Your me-made wardrobe is getting well extensive, it’ll be fun! 🙂 (Although let’s face it – your excuse for not playing along this year is pretty awesome and I’d happily trade playing for your trip, haha!)

  5. Omg 7th of may. Your beautiful dress with your Mum’s cardigan. Awesome, and send your mum my knitting compliments. You lucky thing that she makes you stuff! 😀 You really have a diverse wardrobe 🙂

    • Thanks lovely lady! 🙂 Yeah, that cardigan is gorgeous, isn’t it?! I wish I had the knitting skills to do that sort of thing!

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  7. Great things! And that green cardigan is gorgeous! Any chance we could get our hands on the pattern?

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