Photo A Day

The next week-and-a-bit (trying to catch up on posting!) in the April Photo A Day challenge:

8 April – On your plate
A few of my vintage Crown Lynn plates. I do love me some Crown Lynn. One day I’d love to own a full set of the ‘Fiesta’ design, with it’s cross-hatch and candy-coloured polka dots….

9 April – Tiny
Teeny tiny bottle of nail strengthener, from the gift bag at the Andrea Moore/Millicent fashion show.

10 April – A place
Memorial half-way around the Basin Reserve cricket ground. I walk around the Basin Reserve on my way home from work almost every day and see this memorial from the other side of the cricket grounds.

11 April – Detail
Detail of a gate I see on my walk home most days. I love this gate, it’s full of curves and points and is asymmetric and makes me smile with it’s pretty and it’s randomness.

12 April – In the middle
Big ads for current exhibitions, hanging in the middle of spaces in the wall at Te Papa museum.

13 April – View from your bed
Generally the first thing I look at every day (or, more accurately, grope blindly about on) – the top of my bedside chest of drawers. On here lives my bedside lamp, lip balm, a teddy bear I’ve had since I was about 16, the baby monitor and my cellphone (which also doubles as my alarm clock, hence the groping-around-blindly first thing in the morning. Either the cellphone alarm or the baby monitor wake me up.) True confession: a lot of dust also lives on here.

14 April – Water
Just for the heck of it, a little rubber ducky floating in a glass of water outside, at night, on bricks damp from rain.

15 April – Alone
Bridge on the waterfront. There’s a lot of padlocks attached to the bridge side nearest the water, they’re called ‘love locks’ and are meant to represent the longevity of the lovers who attach them. This one is all alone on it’s section of railing, apart from the rest of the group.

16 April – Your favourite colour
Bright orange, always happy and cheerful, makes me smile. These were a gift from my partner, presented to me when he got home today and now making the kitchen windowsill a happier place.


2 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Loving your plates!

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