Photo A Day

Oops! I seem to be rather behind on my blogging…. Sorry ’bout that folks – still trying to figure out the work/family/time-for-anything-else-at-all balance! Here’s the first week of photos from the April Photo A Day challenge:

1 April – Play
At the zoo today, some of the Servals were out playing with the keepers. Tug of rope!

2 April – Blue
Walking home from work – blue sky, blue harbour, gorgeous evening.

3 April – Something beginning with A
An assortment of tools that my Other Half was using to install our new flat-screen tv to the wall. The Little Man is nearly mobile, so we are frantically baby-proofing. First up – replacing the old CRT TV with a wall-mounted flat-screen so cables aren’t as close to baby hands.)

4 April – This happened today
A random gust of wind broke the emergency helicopter on the roof of Wellington hospital. When I was collecting the Little Man from daycare, all the other parents, kids and teachers were watching the helicopter get lifted off the roof by this big crane. (I missed the spectacle due to feeding a little boy at the time.) Wandered by on the way home to see the helicopter on the ground, and the big crane still in place.

5 April – Something good
I forgot today’s challenge theme, and got distracted on the way home by this image that fit nicely into a theme I missed last month that had been on my mind for a week – ‘In The Mirror’.

Right on the corner of the waterfront, near TSB Arena, stands a mirror, hanging out a little over the ocean. It’s there so trucks coming in either direction can see what’s nearby.

6 April – Air
Feathers make me think of flying, swooping through the air. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to do that?!?

(On a side note, it’s really hard to get a photo of a feature falling through the air. So here’s where it landed instead.)

7 April – Dreamy
A trip around Te Papa on a rainy Wellington day. This was the entrance to one of the exhibits, accompanied by eerie music and lighting that made it look like it was underwater – a dreamy effect. The words are Maori and translate to ‘What is given by the land should return to the land’.

2 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. You are really hitting your stride with these!! Not that you need me to judge, of course, but it is cool to see little glimpses of your days. I had never heard if a serval before! What cool kats!!!

    • Thanks! 😀

      Serval’s are pretty awesome. They’re the only big cats with spots and stripes on their bodies. And they can jump crazily high, so their enclosures always have to be enclosed over the top as well or they can jump out. I think they’re one of my new favourite animals. 🙂

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