Time to show some love to those Burda mags?!?

If you’re anything like me, and a large number of the people-who-sew that I know, you’ve got a Burda magazine (or two, or thirty) lying around. Chances are, you’ve thumbed through it a few times, spotted projects you want to make, but never quite gotten around to making them.

Well, do we have the sew along for you! This May it’s Burda Sew Along month! That’s right, it’s the Month Of Showing Love To Our Burda Magazines. (MOSLTOBM for short. Hah.)

How did this all come about? Well, a few weeks ago I met up with Sandra and Mel, a couple of my fellow Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network peeps. (We needed an in-between meet-ups fix of talking about sewing and blogging with fellow sewing-blogging geeks. And hey, it’s a good excuse to get out of the office and lounge around on the grass eating sushi.) As tends to happen when sewing-blogging types get together, we spent a lot of excited time talking about projects – current ones, future planned ones, future ones that hadn’t even been thought of until we got together. There were some we had in common, and this was one of those – Mel and I both had the desire to tackle some of those Burda magazine patterns we’d been meaning to tackle for a while.

And then we thought, what the heck, chances are other lovely people have those magazines they’ve been meaning to sew from for a while. So…. why not host a sew along?! And thus the inaugural Burda Magazine Sew Along was born.

Want to join in? It’s simple really – just sew something from a Burda magazine during May. Let us know you’re taking part, so we can include your creation(s) in round-up posts. There’ll be some posts on tips and tricks with working with Burda patterns, and various other Burda magazine related posts as well.

We’ve even got a group Pinterest board where people can share inspiration/creations/etc.

Wanna join us in showing some love to those Burda mags? Go sign up over here.

Burda fun times ahead for all! 🙂


One response to “Time to show some love to those Burda mags?!?

  1. Great idea. I am not a big Burda mag person, but I do have a few lying around. Time to flip through and pick something…

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