Oooh, ah, fashion!

It was Wellington Fashion Week here last week – various fashion shows by New Zealand designers, random artworks popping up around the place, all that sort of fun stuff. And I was lucky enough to win two tickets to see the Millicent/Robyn Matheson joint runway show – yay!

Naturally, being fashion stuff, I had to take one of my fellow Wellington sewing bloggers along with me – the lovely Sandra. (After all, who better to appreciate fashion, aka dissect it afterwards and it’s sewing-potential, than a fellow sewasaurusrex?)

So we tootled along to Odlins Plaza on the waterfront, where a marquee was set up, with a giant pink high heel shoe outside it.


(Yes, that’s a giant pink high heel shoe. There’s a giant orange high heel shoe in the middle of the CBD as well, like some crazy-big mis-matched pair that’s been left behind after the 50 foot woman went clubbing the night before.)

Not only did we have tickets to the show, we had front row tickets. Oooh, special!

Waiting for the show to begin, watching the press people congregate at the end of the runway

Waiting for the show to begin, watching the press people congregate at the end of the runway

Which also meant – goodie bags! Very exciting. πŸ™‚ (I was especially pleased to find a bar of chocolate in my one – it didn’t last long. Yep, I was that uncool – eating the chocolate from my goodie bag while sitting in the front row. Wonder how long I can use breastfeeding as an excuse for that sort of thing? Hmmm….) We got some knee-high purple tights in our bags (amoungst other things), must try to work them into an outfit sometime very soon…

And then, the show started! Robyn Mathieson was up first, with lots of pretty draping and colours.

Robyn Mathieson show about to begin!

Robyn Mathieson show about to begin!

Silly me forgot to get photos of the outfits I liked the most until the show was nearly over! Oops. So I can’t show you the cute peplum cardigan, but I can tell you it was princess-seamed in front and back, with the peplum only on the side panels and the centre front and back panel left straight. Very effective, yes indeed.

I can show you these two outfits though:

Gorgeous red coat

Gorgeous red coat

Pink and orange, fitted and floaty, love love love!

Pink and orange, fitted and floaty, love love love!

Next up was Millicent, a new Wellington-based label, having their first ever catwalk show.

Again, some cute designs, and lots of pretty colours.

Pink pencil skirt

Pink pencil skirt

Pretty floral dress

Pretty floral dress

The back of the dress design - love the exposed metallic zipper as contrast to the floral

The back of the dress design – love the exposed metallic zipper as contrast to the floral

Lots of florals, lots of bright colours.

Here’s my favourite look from this collection:

Pink and yellow!

Pink and yellow!

Figures – my favourite from the Robyn Mathieson was the pink-and-orange combo. My favourite from the Millicent collection was pink-and-yellow. Both so striking as they were block colours. And yet, I don’t sew block colours. Hmmm. Really must make some, as these looks were so pretty!

All up, a fun afternoon out. Especially afterwards, when we wandered off to Crumpet for crumpets and discussions of the show. (Luckily, the local fabric shops were closed by then, or sewalutions may have been broken!)

10 responses to “Oooh, ah, fashion!

  1. Really does look and sound like a fantastic day out! I like that coat too!

  2. Oooooh looks like such a blast! I’m totally jealous, thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Oooh, looks like fun and educational all at once!

  4. I saw pics of Millicent’s collection on Stuff and decided they were seriously cute. And I certainly agree with the orange and pink fitted and floaty number from Robyn Mathieson. Love!

  5. What a great thing to do. Love pink and orange. Mainly because my mum told me not to! And love that red coat too. You will rock Knee hi purple tights! Fabulous inspiration πŸ™‚

  6. Love that red swing coat.

  7. They had that giant shoe in Midland park the other day, I totally wanted to climb inside but no one was around to take my picture 😦 hehe!

    I love your last two photos the most, I NEEEED a brocade dress, there are some great ones in AT right now but a bit exxy (and narrow width) so crossing fingers they are there next big sale. I love the contrast collar/button placket on that blouse, have to copy that too πŸ™‚

  8. Looks like fun! Much envy. I love the sans bright coloured pieces you do, but for a long time as a teenager Mt favourite colour was sunset, or any combination of pink orange and yellow. I love love love the floaty fitted silhouette too.

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