Photo A Day

Running a bit behind posting the Photo A Day photos, but here’s the last week from the March Photo A Day Challenge:

25 March – In your drawer
Contents of my ribbon drawer.

26 March – Something you did
Lunchtime white-chocolate-and-vanilla gelato with my friend Natalie, enjoying the sun on the waterfront and watching ducks go past.

27 March – Pair
Pair of footprints, stuck to our fridge. (The Little Man’s from a couple of days ago, aged 6 months and 1 week.)

Missed a day here…

29 March – Goodnight
Just after putting the Little Man to bed for the night. Milk coma, yes indeed.

30 March – Relax
Cup o’ tea, mini Easter egg, and my current sewing project. Bliss.

And then I missed the last day of March. Oops…

4 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Aw, your little man is soooooo gorgeous. Love the fabric for your current sewing project.

  2. He is so gorgeous. I love the way they sleep like that when they are tiny, with their arms spread out. Mine used to do little bent frog legs too. It’s almost enough to make me broody again…
    By the way I have just given you a Liebster award- I know you have probably had it before and you may not even qualify these days but I just wanted to show my appreciation.

    • Oh yes, the frog leg pose! So adorable. 🙂 Sadly my little one only sleeps like that (arms out, frog legs) for a few minutes these days before flipping over onto his side or his stomach. But still, it’s very cute while it lasts! (I got curious and tried lying in “baby sleep pose” myself – it’s surprisingly comfortable, actually!)

      Thank you so much for the Liebster award! 🙂

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