Pieces of Us project catch-up

Some of you may have noticed that the last couple of things I’ve made haven’t had Pieces Of Us project softies included. Oops, I got a little behind in my softie making! But never fear, the plan is still to make one for every project I complete. 🙂

So here’s the next two, that I made this week. They’re waiting patiently to be released, either into the wild for new owners to find, or to be given to the Plunket nurse when she visits next week so that she can pass them on to other children. (What do you think I should do with these two? Release them somewhere (where?) or give them to Plunket?? Help me decide, I’m having an indecisive week! Argh!!)

First up, I’d like to introduce you to Shane


Shane’s the softie that goes with my Beatrice dress. His back is the same fabric that I used for the dress:


Next up, here’s his twin sister, Sammy:


Sammy goes with the Amelia shirt. Both her front and Shane’s are from the scraps from the Amelia shirt. Sammy’s back is a fun bright polka-dot red:


I used this tutorial for making this pair of softies. They were super easy to make, except for stuffing the ears and arms. Dratted stuffing just did not want to stay in those little points! But then I realised they’d be easier for little babies to grab and chew on if they had little soft bits to grab hold of, so I left them mostly stuffing-free for baby hand-holds. So that all worked out ok. 🙂 I like these little guys, even if they are kinda wonky and stuff. Hah.

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