Photo A Day

Another week of Photo A Day challenge photos…

19 February – I am…

… rather fond of sushi.

I really missed sushi while I was pregnant. Like, really missed it. I ate a lot of sushi in the month after the Little Man arrived.

20 February – Where you stood

Technically, this is where I sat. But I had to stand there before and after sitting, so it counts, right?

Our kitchen floor was being laid today, so I had to go out for lunch. A beautiful day, took the opportunity to walk to the Basin Reserve, sit there eating my sushi (yes, sushi for lunch two days in a row) that I’d picked up on the way, then walk back again.

21 February – Full

A handful of Nerds lollies.

Steve and I often get sent to the annual Webstock conference in Wellington. I didn’t get to go this year (what with being on maternity leave and all) so he very kindly gave me his conference schwag. Webstock do good conference freebies. This year, they included a huge pack of rainbow Nerds. Yum!

22 February – Makes you smile

Baby sucking on it’s toes.

The Little Man found his feet the other week, and now whenever he’s getting changed I have to wait for a while to let him suck his toes. Ridiculously cute.

23 February – A word

There’s a tiny little park at the end of our street, it’s got a small grass area, a garden, and a bench. It’s also got a sign with it’s name: “Quirk’s Corner”. I’d love to know the story behind this small park….

24 February – Cloud

Clouds changing colour at sunset, from the back of our house, looking out towards Brooklyn.

25 February – On your bedside table

Bedside light, baby monitor, and hair ties. (All very exciting, really.)


2 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Same! I missed sushi so much when I was pregnant!

    • One of the midwives in hospital was telling me that sushi is one of the most common foods that people ask for after giving birth. 😉

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