Show Us Your Stash – Debi!

Time for another stash reveal interview, and I bet most of you know who today’s guest is! Hint: she loves 1940’s style, McCalls, and lives in Scotland.

Yep, it’s Debi from My Happy Sewing Place!

Wanna take a look at her stash? (Spoiler alert – there’s lots of lovely fabric in it!)

So, Debi, how long have you been sewing and stashing? How big is your stash?

I’ve been sewing since November 2009. Though I must admit that I was stashing for about a year or two before then—that was in my sewing contemplation phase… lol! My current stash is just the right size! I can store it all in two cupboards and two drawers and ‘shop’ in it whenever I am starting a new project.

Where do you keep your stash? How do you store it?

I divide my stash into three types of fabrics: 1) non-wool dress fabrics, 2) wool fabric and 3) lining fabric. I store my non-wool dress fabrics in my closet—in one large pile! I regularly go through the pile and refold, etc.

Non-wool fabric stash

Non-wool fabric stash

The wool fabric (and a few VIP cottons) I store in a vintage cabinet that has a very tight door (with a lock! Hahaha). I regularly check the wool and just love thinking through projects for the wool fabrics.

Wool fabric stash

Wool fabric stash

My smallest stash is lining fabrics, almost all of which I picked up at charity shops. I have them stored in a small drawer because they are so slippy and don’t play well in the larger pile.

What is the oldest piece in your stash? What was your original plan for this piece and why hasn’t it happened?

This question was a good excuse to go through all my fabric! Let’s see… I think one of my oldest is a piece (just over 1 metre) of gold dupioni silk. I was originally planning to make a halter top with the gold fabric to go with a black velvet skirt. It has, however, lingered in my sewing queue for a long time because summer sewing is the last thing on my mind these days!

Gold Silk Dupioni fabric

Gold Silk Dupioni fabric

What’s your favourite piece in your stash? Where did you get it, what do you love about it, what do you think you might do with it?

My favourite piece is about 4 metres of a 1940’s cotton print that I got when I visited the States last November. I still can’t believe I found it and that there was such a large amount of it. It’s going to be made into a 1940 McCall dress! I even have the perfect pattern…I’ve just got a few other projects planned first.

1940’s cotton print fabric

1940’s cotton print fabric

Does the fabric you buy go straight into hiding or do you wash it first?

Fabric goes straight into hiding. I never wash it first…. I like to do all of that when I am starting my projects.

How do you add to your stash? Do you buy with a purpose in mind, or is it fabric lust?

I almost always buy with a project in mind. I’m a pattern gal—I have to start with the pattern and then find the perfect fabric. Sometimes it goes the other way around (fabric first, then pattern) but that’s very unusual. I do, however, pick up anything I find that is reasonably priced in charity shops (I’ve gotten a lot of my wool this way), especially if it’s enough length to make a dress or a suit.

Do you have something in your stash that you cannot bear to cut into? Why?

There’s nothing in my stash that I cannot bear to cut into—I will use it all!!!

Do you just stash fabric, or does the problem include patterns and notions?

Um, next question… Yes, I collect patterns. I’m currently trying to collect and sew all the patterns the McCall Corporation produced in the year 1940 (which is more than a few!). I also have a thing for 1928 McCall patterns, Style and Style Print patterns from the 40s and 50s and Butterick one-yard line patterns. I also have quite a few notions — mostly gifts and charity shop finds.

Have you decided to do a “stash-busting” resolution this year? If so, what have you decided to do?

I did sign up to use my stash fabrics in at least 10 projects this year but honestly, I’ll probably replace those fabrics fairly quickly. I actually really like having a stash of ‘hopefuls’. All my fabrics, notions and patterns have ideas, plans, inspiration and wonderful friends and family associated with them. Even though my sewing queue is a million miles long, I really enjoy the planning process and having fabric I can feel and touch and plan with is part of the fun for me.

Plus, I love having fabric for swaps….speaking of which, I’m joining the stash swap with the following two fabrics…

The first one is nearly 5 metres of a fabulous cotton lawn fabric. It’s lightweight and slightly transparent and would be fabulous for some summer dresses.

Printed cotton lawn

Printed cotton lawn

The second fabric is a synthetic wool-like fabric in a great pumpkin tweed-like design. I made a dress out this fabric. There is 2 metres of this one:

Wool-Like Fabric

Wool-Like Fabric

I’m looking to swap for either polka-dot or solid coloured dress fabrics (3-4 yards). Thanks so much, Kat, for having me as part of the stash post series!!

Thanks so much for opening up your sewing room and showing off your stash, Debi! I must admit, I’m drooling a bit over quite a lot of those ones I can see in your cupboards. Especially all those gorgeous woolens, yum! I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see which 1940 McCall patterns they get turned into.

I’m also very interested in the cotton lawn you have to swap, so I’m gonna go hunt through my stash for things to swap for it now…..! 😉

Interested in Debi’s swap fabric? Let us know below!

Speaking of swaps, Swap Your Stash month is nearly at an end, so if you’re still thinking about taking part, now’s the time! There’s still a bunch of pretty things up for swaps on the Pinterest board.

And with the end of Swap Your Stash month will also come the end of the stash reveal interviews. Don’t panic too much though – there’s one more to come! Want to guess who it might be? She’s always full of lovely and helpful suggestions and tips, is following her passion with her own business, and doesn’t own any Apple products. Tune in later this week for the stash-showing!

8 responses to “Show Us Your Stash – Debi!

  1. I’m drooling over the woolens too! 🙂

  2. Thanks for featuring me!! Sorry to say the pictures for the cotton lawn and the 40’s print are mixed up (oops!)….sorry I just have labeled those better….the one up for swap is the red and pink one 🙂

  3. Love that reddish vine print! It will make a beautiful dress!

  4. Hi Kat, Just letting you know that I’ve passed on the Premio Award to you. You can get the badge off the side of my blog. All you need to do is say thanks and hand it over to the last 9 commenters on your blog. Congratulations!

  5. Your stash is so impressive. My stash is only at 25% of yours and I’m telling myself that I must sew more before I get to buy anything else!!!! Although I now realise it is quite normal for us sewists to have a stash and that I am not alone. Love.

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