Photo A Day

Another week captured in the Photo A Day challenge

12 February – Where you ate lunch
Our last day on our visiting-family holiday in Dunedin, lunch sitting at the dining table in my parents kitchen. This is the view from the kitchen window. I used to eat breakfast where when I was in high school, watching for the school bus coming around the bends in the road to Warrington (you can just make out the road winding along to the left side of the bay). When I saw it coming, I’d have just enough time to grab my bag, run down the hill and across the road to catch it.

13 February – Walking
Walking into town with my friend Emily.

14 February – Love is…
Hugs and kisses and liking someone (or in this case, something) so much you just want to eat it all up.

15 February – Inside your fridge
An ever-present army of Up and Go, for those days when I don’t get a chance to have breakfast due to the demands of a small creature….

16 February – Perfect
Trimming half square triangles for the quilt I’m making, trying to make them perfect squares.

17 February – In your hand
Hot chocolate at the Coronation Cafe, while meeting up with the awesome Wellington sewing bloggers. The barrista was entertaining himself by making up new stencils for drink decorations – he had just made one in the shape of a crown, so got to test it on our drinks.

18 February – Something you don’t like
Cheap and nasty import shops, springing up everywhere. I mean, two pairs of track pants for $10?!? You can’t even buy the fabric for that price!! I shudder to think of the work conditions associated with producing this cheap nasty stuff…..

(Oops, sorry to end this week’s one on a bit of a down note! Go back and admire the crown hot chocolate topping instead, coz it’s pretty awesome. πŸ˜‰ )

7 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. The crown is definitely pretty awesome πŸ™‚
    But I have to agree with your sentiments on the last photo. It’s my main reason for wanting to learn to make clothes.

  2. It is a bit of a down note, but there is never anything wrong with compassion.
    That is a very funky chocolate crown!
    But I like the most the idea of being able to see the bus coming, while sitting in the comfort of your home. Very nice!

    • It was rather convenient, especially in winter. πŸ˜‰ (Sadly my penchant for trying to squeeze the most productive time out of every minute of every day started early. As did the resulting habit of often being late for things and in a rush. Oops….!)

  3. The view from your parents makes me miss the view from my parents place.

  4. Amusingly, the last time I went down to my parents, I got there and your Dad was over.

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