Photo A Day

Last week in the February Photo A Day Challenge….

5 February – Something you smelled
It’s an odd thing, but I feel naked if I’m not wearing fragrance of some sort. My current go-to one is the Body Shop Vanilla body mist.

6 February – Soft
Making muffins with overripe bananas. I picked the bunch up, and they all fell off the stems and onto the bench and floor and went splat. This one looks like he’s just sitting there, chillin’ out.

7 February – Your name
Luggage tag on a suitcase, packing for a trip down South tomorrow to visit my family for a few days. (First trip away with Drake!)

8 February – Something orange
Look closely – there’s an orange fusilage (I assume?) hose running around the front of that black plane, which we saw pull in on the tarmac as we were boarding our plane to Dunedin. (Photo taken half-way up the stairs when boarding our plane, whose tail is in the side of this photo.)

9 February – Guilty pleasure
Here’s where I let you in on a little secret. This is something I tend to keep hidden from people when I can, due to feeling a bit of embarrassment about it all. But you know what? I enjoy historical romances. (Even if I always have a little niggling thought in the back of my mind while reading them that I should read something more ‘worthy’….. Whatever ‘worthy’ may be. *shrug*)

10 February – 3 o’clock
Driving back to Dunedin from a family get-together in Gore, we dropped my sister off at her flat right at 3pm. This house is across the road from her flat – an artist lives there, and has wallpapered the front in stripes.

11 February – Entrance
Looking in one of the entrances to my mother’s hen house – two hens snuggling up on a nest.


3 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. I love the photos, like always!

  2. What a good idea! Thanks for sharing – I smiled at the banana and the chickens – how cheery

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