Thanks, mum!

I knew it – mentioning in advance that I was going to finish a new shirt by Thursday and post about it eventuated in me shooting myself in the foot, so to speak. That’s right – the shirt still isn’t finished. (Not too much further to go, though!)

Which means, I don’t have my Sew Grateful project finished for Sew Grateful week. Argh!

So instead of showing you a project I’ve made from things I’m sew grateful for, I’m going to show you something my mother made, that I’m sew grateful for. (And that I’ve been meaning to show you for a few weeks now.)

This gorgeous cardigan:


Isn’t it purty? She made it from a pattern from the 1940’s.


It’s made of pure wool – the main wool is some we found for sale, hand-dyed by a women up in Auckland. There wasn’t enough for the entire cardigan, so my mother found another wool to use for the sleeves and edgings, and worked it in with some stripes on the back so it all tied together nicely. It’s all knitted in 4 ply, too. (She has far more patience than I have!)


We went to Made Marion to visit Mrs C, and to hunt out some buttons and bias binding. Check out this adorable bias binding Mrs C showed us – it’s got ladybirds on it! How seriously cute is that?!


My mother is an amazing knitter. I have memories of her knitting when I was young, making these incredibly detailed jerseys with heaps of colours and images in them for us all. It was always so much fun picking out the patterns we wanted knitted next, and seeing all the pretty colours of wool.


And now, how super lucky am I? She makes heaps of gorgeous knitted creations for Drake. (Both of his grandmothers knit – that boy of ours has a very nice and enviable collection of snuggly, cute and awesome knitted garments and toys!) And she still makes me things! We’ve been building up a collection of vintage 1940’s and 1950’s pattern books together and she’s made me two 1940’s cardigans so far.


One day, when I grow up, I want to be able to knit like she does. πŸ™‚

You know, when I grow up and develop some patience….


20 responses to “Thanks, mum!

  1. Lovely cardi in great colours! Yes, I tried my hand at knitting & I got a quarter of a sock after about 8 months … So, perhaps, not my craft…

    • I’m hoping to conquer my impatience with knitting this year and make myself a cardigan. Perhaps if I manage to make myself something I like, I’ll end up loving knitting as much as I do sewing….?!

  2. Ooh lovely! Very handy to have a keen knitter in the family.

  3. Oh my! If my Mom could do that, she would have some serious projects lined up from me- how sweet you look!

  4. Lovely! great colours too!

  5. it’s so beautiful and unique! love the green and the stripes she worked in.

  6. Oooh, lovely. Great job Mom! (and love those ladybugs). My mom is also a knitter and has been since I was a wee lass so I have lots of knit items in my wardrobe. Aren’t knitting mom’s the best?

  7. I recognise your cardigan! Very nice, you didn’t tell me that your Mum knitted it – kudos to her!

  8. Wow that is gorgeous! I love the white and green yarn, great detailing

  9. Your Mum is a gem to knit you this. So awesome πŸ˜€
    Hey, by the way, would you let me in on what the bias tape on the collar is for? πŸ™‚

    • I’ve just asked her – it’s for a couple of reasons. To stop the neckline from stretching. And also to make it nice and smooth where the seam is, so it doesn’t itch. It also makes it look nicer, hiding the seam. (I’ve seen it a bit on more expensive brands of purchased knit tops as well.)

  10. This is really beautiful. You are so lucky that your Mom is so talented–and good at picking out colors. The green looks really nice with your pick hair!

  11. looks fantastic…

  12. Gorgeous, crafty mums are the best!

  13. Mums are awesome. Crafty mums are super awesome. Yours sounds great and the cardigan since very cute too.

  14. I love this, the colours are so cheerful! And it’s even better in person! Well done Mum! πŸ™‚

  15. What marvelous colors!! Your Mum did very well πŸ™‚

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