Photo a Day

The last three in the January Photo A Day challenge…

29 January – Grow.
The local Playcentre has a plant stand outside it, with plants the children have grown for sale by donation. It makes me smile whenever I walk past it. (Plus today I went to a social meeting there with other mothers in the neighbourhood, so I can now say I’ve set foot in the local Playcentre for the first (and probably last) time.)

30 January – Down.
Part of the poetry walk along the Wellington waterfront – part of a James K Baxter poem, in the water under the bridge behind Te Papa.

31 January – Yourself.
To borrow Carolyn’s description, here’s a Navel-Gazing Fashion Blogger’s Society photo.

And the first ones in the February challenge. 🙂

1 February – Fork
I wasn’t feeling very creative, and so, I present to you – our cutlery drawer.

2 February – Pattern
Flower bed at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

3 February – Something beginning with ‘E’
Baby eyes, going slightly cross-eyed staring at the camera.

4 February – Hope
Poster on a bollard near the Newtown library, fundraising for the Heart Foundation.

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