Swap Your Stash rules & guidelines

Welcome to the Swap Your Stash party! Want to join in? We’d love to have you!

Here’s the guidelines on how to take part. We’ve designed them so that everything runs nice and smoothly and awesome swaps are made by all. (If you’re looking for other details, you can find pretty much everything via the Swap Your Stash page.)

What can I swap?
Stash Swapping is open to everything stash-related – fabric, patterns, and notions. (Heck, even sewing tools, if you feel that way inclined!) It’s up to you and the person you’re swapping with what you feel is a good swap for what.

How do I get added to the participant list?
Joining in is easy – just do a blog post (or two, or three…) featuring the things you want to swap, link back to the master list by leaving a comment on it or one of the stash swap pages with the link to your swap blog post (we’ll see your comment and add your post to the list), and start swapping!

I see there’s a Pinterest board – what’s that about?
There’s a Pinterest board set up as well so that people who are participating can see all that is being swapped in one place. It’s a good idea to add things you’re swapping to the Pinterest board, as it means it’s a lot easier for people to find things they like and want to swap for. Leave a comment below with you Pinterest handle/name and we’ll find you and add you to the group board so you can pin away. Once you’re added, it’s nice and easy to add things to the board – simply pin each of the images from your blog post.

What should I include in my blog post?
The more details you put about what you’re wanting to swap, the less questions you’re likely to have to answer – it makes things easier for both you and your swap partner/s too!

If you’re swapping fabric, tell people:
– the size of the fabric (length and width)
– if there are any flaws/odd bits cut out/etc
– fibre content (if you know it)
Ideally, photograph fabric with a tape measure included in the picture, so people can get an idea of the size of any texture or print.

If you’re swapping patterns, let people know:
– the size of the pattern
– whether it’s complete/pieces are missing

If you’re swapping notions like lace or ribbon, say:
– length and width

With everything, the better the pictures and descriptions, the more they’ll appeal to people!

What about sending things?
It’s up to you whether you’re happy to send internationally or not. (Or maybe you’re happy to post patterns overseas, but not fabric?) Either way, make it clear on your blog post so there’s no confusion.

The swapping finishes on 24 February. Aim to have all of your swap items posted off by 3 March.

What do I do once something has been swapped?
Once you’ve swapped something, make it clear that it’s no longer available. Update your blog post to say it’s been swapped, and (if you put it on) remove it from the Pinterest board. That way, there’ll be no confusion!

And the most important thing of all?
Have fun!! This is all about making friends, and reinvigorating your stash. Enjoy it! 🙂

10 responses to “Swap Your Stash rules & guidelines

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  2. I’m in! I already had most of what I wanted to get rid of pulled out, so I just finished photographing everything and the post is up at http://sew-and-so.blogspot.com/2013/02/swapping-some-stash.html . Also, my Pinterest handle is sunnyb64.

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  7. Hello, I have a dedicated an entire blog and facebook page to the patterns I have available for swaps. You can see all of my patterns here: http://www.facebook.com/sewingpatternswap and my blog is http://www.sewingpatternswap.wordpress.com.

  8. Also, my swap board on pinterest is http://pinterest.com/konniekapow/sewing-pattern-swap/. I’d happily share on your board too.

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