Go on, Swap Your Stash!

Got things hanging around in your stash that don’t really excite you any more? Fabric you bought and have never used? Patterns that aren’t really your size/style? Notions that you have no notion what to do with?

Perhaps you’ve made a resolution to cut down on purchasing fabric/patterns/notions or the like this year?

Anne (from Mercury Handmade Fashion) and I have similar issues. So we put our heads together, and came up with a solution – a way to rejuvenate our stashes (and hopefully all your stashes as well!) without breaking any of those pesky “no buying new things” rules.

Wanna hear it? We’ve called it Swap Your Stash!


For the month of February, Anne and I are hosting a giant stash-swapping party, right here in the blogosphere. An opportunity for everyone who’s interested to go through their stash, be ruthless about what they’re never going to use, and swap it for things that they will use. You can get inspired by other people’s stashes, feel less guilt over hoarding things you won’t use, and make new friends on the way. (And don’t forget the happiness of getting parcels in the mail! Parcels of fabric/patterns/notions, even! Joy!!)

There will be interviews with other bloggers, where they share glimpses of their stashes with us. How they organise them, how they add to them, and what’s in them. And encouragement of posting your own stashes online so others can see them.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a fine way to spend February? 😉

Head on over here to find out all the details – the guidelines, links to the Pinterest group, list of participating blogs, etc.

Want to take part? It’s easy – have a read of the guidelines, write a blog post showing all the things you want to swap, and let us know in comments on one of our blogs (mine or Anne’s) what the URL of your swap blog post is. We’ll add you to the participant list, so other swappers can find you.

We’ve even got one of those button thingys, so you can announce your stash-swapping intentions to the world:

swap your stash

<div align="center"><a href="https://macskakat.wordpress.com/swap-your-stash/" title="Didyoumakethat"><img src="https://macskakat.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/swapbutton180.jpg" alt="Swap Your Stash" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Go on – delve into your stash, pull out what you don’t want any longer, and swap it for exciting new things you want to play with!

10 responses to “Go on, Swap Your Stash!

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  2. Oooh awesome, I can do this while I tidy my sewing room!

  3. I already have a couple of pieces on a shelf that need new homes. I’m sure I’ll find more as I reorganise the stash to fit into one room.

    • Yikes, having to fit a stash into one room! Thankfully I have about 1.5-2 years before I have to do that. 😉 (And my gosh, I’ll need every bit of that time! Eek!)

      • Thankfully, I have the biggest bedroom in the house, but there is a big (think those double door pantry style) cupboard downstairs.I also have no floor space due to boxes of bits. So I’m thinking I’m better off with a smaller stash and a more usable space, then I’ll likely craft more.

  4. Oddly, the rules and guidelines post shows up earlier than this post, which made it all a bit confusing. I’ll watch this with enthusiasm – I might even find a few things! But I’m pretty attached to most things in my stash, and those that I’m not I figure will be great for toiles! I will ponder – and if I see something fabulous well then…

    • It was a hard one, getting all the posts up in the right order as half of them had to link to the other half! Ah well, we got it there in the end after many frantic emails. 😉

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