Giveaway winners and a hint of something yet to come….


Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my giveaway recently and shared what they’d like to see on here. You’ve given me some great things to think about – thank you! I really, really appreciate it. (And you might see a few other things coming up on here in the future as a result 😉 )

And now, on to the winners!

First up, the random number generator gives us…..


Sewpapillion, who chose Simplicity 3780. (She’s also just starting to set up her own blog – yay! Welcome to the world of sewing and blogging!)

The next number chosen by the famous number generator is….


Jo, who chose Academy 4256. (I can totally see you in this Jo – it’s going to look adorable on you!)

And last (but not least), the third winner is…..


Carlalissa! Congrats Carlalissa – Butterick 5654 is on it’s way to you.

Congratulations ladies! I hope you all enjoy your prizes!

(Carlalissa and Sewpapillion – I can’t find your email addresses anywhere, could you please email me to let me know your postal address for your prize? macska (at) gmail (dot) com.)

And now for a little something different, relating to that image right up the top there…..

You know how there’s a whole bunch of stash busting resolutions, goals and challenges floating around this year? It seems that a lot of us have far more stash than we need. (Although, really, is that even possible? Let’s be honest here – admit it, you like having a big stash!) Chances are that quite a few of us have things in our stash that we’re not likely to use. What to do with these things? We love them, but we’re not going to use them. Hmmmm….

Well, Anne and I have been thinking about that, and we think we’ve hit on a solution. It’ll be fun, it’ll be entertaining (we hope!) and you can all take part.

And we’ll be telling you all about it on Saturday.

(In the meantime though, you might want to start going through your fabric/patterns/notions stash/s and pulling out things you don’t want any more. Just in case. 😉 )

7 responses to “Giveaway winners and a hint of something yet to come….

  1. I’ve actually been in the process of doing that anyway–I have about a dozen or so fabrics pulled out to give away. I’ll be interested to see what you’re planning on doing!

  2. Hmm, sounds interesting!

  3. Ohhh thank you Kat…. first time in my life I win something!! Very excited to receive the pattern!!!…..Sent you an email with all the details!! wooo hooo!!!!

  4. Oo something is a foot….. I watch with interest as I definitely have things I wanna give to better homes.

  5. Wheee thanks for the pattern! It will be treasured 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve too!

  6. Thank you so much! Am really excited to win such a lovely vintage pattern! My first vintage pattern! Will email you my details..

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