Photo A Day

Last week in Photo A Day challenge photos….

22 January. Corner
Where the buses stop at the start of Island Bay, taken on an afternoon walk with my friend Naomi and our little baby boys.

23 January. Electric
Happiness is a cup of tea. My electric kettle is a definite enabler for that.

24 January. Stripes
Striped road cones at the top of Owen St, showing where there’s been a small slip (on the other side of the flax bushes).

25 January. Landscape
Looking over to the other side of Wellington harbour, on a walk around Oriental Bay with my friend Maree.

26 January. Together
Father and son.

27 January. Sun
4.15pm on a stunningly beautiful summer’s day. (Day 4 in a predicted run of 10 sunny days. It says something about the weather in Wellington that the day they forecast ten sunny days in a row, it was one of the top national news headlines and appeared all over people’s Facebook pages. Ten days of sunshine in Wellington predicted – nation gives collective gasp of disbelief.) (Don’t believe me? Check out today’s article as proof of the rarity of this.)

28 January. Through
Sky through leaves on my regular walking track near the Newtown water tower.


7 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. You live in a beautiful place, and you get 10 days of sun in a row! In England that’s summer all over! 😀 Enjoy your sun-time!

    • Usually we’re lucky to get 10 days in total, so the 10-in-a-row is utter bliss! I’m loving it, making sure I get outside for a nice walk with the baby every day. So, so lovely…. 🙂

  2. What beautiful photos!

  3. yay for sun! I think the prediction is amazing because when I visited NZ once I always got such a kick out of the forecaster predicting ‘fine’ weather. rather generic I thought 🙂 So a bold move indeed, and yay that it’s for sun! We just had 10 days of no rain, which is the longest stretch since the early 1960s for seattle in january 🙂

    • I’m finding it highly entertaining – it’s so unusual to have this much “fine” weather in a row that once we hit day three of sun, people started complaining about the heat! 😉

      Haha, yeah, they do tend to predict “fine” quite a bit. But they seem to be wrong quite a lot no matter what they predict, so it’s almost as though they give up sometimes!

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