{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – matchy-matchy yellowness

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was ‘matchy-matchy’.


I attempted this challenge three times.

On Wednesday (the actual challenge day) I went to match my cardigan to my shoes and also to part of the print on my shirt. I was foiled by baby vomit. Thus photos did not happen.


On Thursday I tried again, matching my belt to my cardigan. I’d been dressed for less than an hour before I was foiled by baby pee. Once again, no photos. (Seriously, those little creatures make one heck of a lot of mess.)

Today, Friday, victory was mine! Matching necklace to shoes, and managing to get photos before baby-mess-disaster strikes. Woo hoo!


Outfit details
Carrera dress, made by me
Nursing singlet, The Warehouse
Necklace from vintage Crown Lynn ceramics, from a craft stall in Queenstown
Shoes, Adidas

Experimenting with a different lighting today – the bright evening sun is right behind me, making things glow.


Roxy decided to photo bomb a bit, as cats do.

One response to “{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – matchy-matchy yellowness

  1. Well done! Did Drake get to this outfit as well in the end? Love the dress by the way!

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