Want a vintage pattern?

(Update: this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

I can’t help it – I’m constantly on the look out for pretty vintage patterns. Even if they’re not my size or my style. Oops!

(Not this year, though – it’s the main one of my sewalutions to not buy any more!) (You will however note that that doesn’t say I’m not allowed to get any new vintage patterns. I’m just not allowed to buy them for myself. One must always leave a loophole for these sorts of things, don’tcha know.)

Before I stopped buying up vintage patterns though, I found these three beauties that, while not my style, I thought some of you might like. So, here’s a giveaway for you!

I’m giving away three vintage patterns, from the 1950’s and 1960’s. One each to three people, wherever you may live as long as the postal service can get mail from here to there, you can go in the draw.

However, I would like a little something in return. Nothing much, just an answer to a question. You see, while I started this blog for myself, to keep track of my sewing projects, it turns out some of you seem to like reading it. Which is very exciting, really! (Thank you all so much! Seriously, I get a little frission of excitement and joy every time I get a comment, you guys are all super awesome and deserve big virtual sewing hugs.) Since some of you lovely people take the time to read what I ramble on about, I’d like to make this blog work as well for you as I can, as well.

So here’s what I’d like to know. What would you like me to change about this little blog of mine, to make it better for you? Would you like me to write more of something? Less of something? Do you want more pictures? Less pictures? Different pictures? More posts? Less posts? Whatever you’d like to see me do differently, please let me know! (And also, if you want to go in the draw for one of these patterns, let me know which one you’d like to go in the draw for as well.)

(I am going to be slightly picky though – if you say ‘more giveaways’, well, I’m afraid that’s one answer that won’t count. Sorry ’bout that.)

Anyway, without further ado, here are the three patterns up for grabs:

Academy 4256
Academy 4256, from the 1950s. A pretty dress with a full circle skirt, dart-fitted bodice, kimono sleeves (either short or long) and a boatneck collar. It’s in size 34″ bust, however a long-ago seamstress has graded it out to another size (my guess is a 36″ bust?) by widening the bodice front and back. It’ll be easy enough to put back to a 34″ bust though as they’ve just spread it and taped it down.

Academy patterns were a New Zealand based pattern company, that I’ve been unable to find out anything about. They seem to have been around from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, and then they vanished for some reason.

This pattern is complete (I checked). It’s an unprinted vintage pattern, and the instructions are rather sparse, which is kind of standard for vintage patterns.

Next up:

Butterick 5654
from around the late 1960s. A loose-fitted A-line dress with bias roll collar self scarf, and full, raglan sleeves gathered at the wrists. (Seriously – how cute is this??)

It’s a printed pattern, and it’s even uncut. Extra special!

Oh, and it’s a size 36″ bust.

And the third pattern:

Simplicity 3780
Simplicity 3780 from 1961. A proportioned pattern, with different pieces for short, medium or tall girls. Bust size 36.

It’s a one-piece dress pattern, slim dress with back zipper, waistline casing with elastic or drawstrings for shaping. It’s also an unprinted pattern, but the instructions are a lot more detailed than the Academy pattern’s ones. (I’m assuming everything is there – there’s a heck of a lot of tissue pieces inside that envelope!)

So there we have it – three patterns, all looking for new homes. 🙂

Want to be in to win? Just comment below and let me know two things:

  • Which pattern you’d like
  • What you’d like to see me improve on my blog (be honest – there will be things, I know!)

I’ll draw the three winners on Wednesday 30 January.

24 responses to “Want a vintage pattern?

  1. Ooh, ooh!! I love the first pattern, Academy 4256! Fabulous giveaway!
    For your blog, I’d love to see more details of construction and possibly fitting (just my personal taste in blog content). I love seeing your new garments and your photos of them 🙂

    • Thanks Jo! I’ll see what I can do in future posts. 🙂

      (PS I can totally see you in that Academy pattern – good luck!)

  2. Oh don’t tempt me! I really really don’t ‘need’ more patterns so please don’t enter me! However, I ditto Jo’s note about fitting and construction cos I love that stuff too :o)

  3. Can I enter even though I am an IRL friend too? If I can enter can I get dibs on Butterick 5654. As to what I’d like to see more of on your blog – how about some of your inspiration for your current sewing projects and perhaps a tutorial or two? 😀

    • ‘Course you can enter! 😉

      Guess what? Since I saw this comment, I’m now working on my first ever tutorial. Nothing overly exciting or difficult (or at least, I don’t think it is), but still – a tutorial! Eep!! Scary!!

  4. hmm, i love all of those patterns, though for me the most wearable would be the simplicity.
    i only discovered your blog recently, and i love both your writing style and your personal style. i’d say nothing needs to change – just keep doing more of what you do so well 🙂

  5. Wonderfull blog!! I couldnt ask you for more!!!
    Thank you for your give away… I will choose simplicity, but really any vintage pattern is welcome!!! so I will settle for any! 🙂

  6. I have been following your blog for a short while. There are lots of things I love! The fact that you frequently sew and post regulary. I like your style of vintage patterns and patterned fabric. Also, that you post a variety of diflferent posts; photo a day, sew weekly, sewing for others; such as aprons and baby clothes and also visits to the zoo! I really liked your star cushion/star pincushion tutorial and made one for my sister. I would really love the simplicity pattern please, it is the perfect patteen

    • …..it is the perfect pattern for my sister May, who is lovely and tall. Thanks for all your sewing inspiration. Am currently setting up my own blog. As I said I loved your star cushion tutorial and the lovely personal story about your Grandmother and her star cushions and it is because of this that I would like to see more tutorials please. Am keeping my fingers crossed and wishing for the pattern prizes….

  7. I love your blog posts but if I HAD to pick something I’d say more close up pictures and pictures of inside construction details of your garments, I love that stuff!
    Picking just one of those gorgeous patterns is hard, I can see why you bought them even though they weren’t your size! I’m going to go with the Academy 4256

    • Thanks Fiona – it sounds like that’s something quite a few people want to see, so I’ll work on including construction details and close-ups in the future! 🙂

  8. Love all of them, especially the first and last, but don’t enter me – you’d spend way too much on postage to get one to me. Love everything you do on here, especially your vintage makes and the way you are just yourself, not trying too hard or trying to mimic anyone else. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you! 🙂

      (Don’t worry about postage – I’m more than happy to send a pattern your way if you win, so I’m adding you in the draw. 😉

  9. I love reading your blog as it is because it has a bit of everything. Even though Im not a sewer i enjoy reading about the stuff you have done 🙂 I always feel closer to you by reading your blog 🙂

  10. Hi Kat,
    I found your blog through Sew weekly and I love your vintage style. Your creations are lovely especially Drake! I am the mother of a son and I am at a loss sometimes on what to sew for him, you can only make so many pairs pants. So I am requesting for more baby sewing projects.

  11. Don’t put me in the draw, my pattern stash is just fine thank you 😉 but I just wanted to answer you questions anyway and to say that I really like your photos taken around Welly, I tried to get into that but then life got in the way, your photos have always inspired me to get out and about in my new creations. I think it would be cool to see some WIPS, although you seem to whip things up so fast! or planned projects, those are always fun for inspiration.

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  13. Argh my phone lost it’s connection while attempting to submit my comment and lost it. Grumble.

    I would have gone for Academy but delighted it’s remained in the communal stash! And the grading for my size? Ugh. No, it’s gone to a better home.

    As for your questions, you strike a great balance with your content. Fitting and construction is always interesting but I think you should write what makes you happy as that is where your voice will be the strongest!

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