Photo A Day

Another week of the January Photo A Day challenge….

15 January. An ordinary moment
Roxy the cat, sleeping on the back of the couch in her favourite spot.

16 January. Two things
A pair of old workers cottages on our street, sharing a wall right in the middle.

17 January. Ready
Our new shelving unit, arrived today (courtesy of my friend Gina, who was moving house) and ready to be filled.

18 January. Shadow
My mother, Drake and I went for a walk around the zoo today. One of the Sumatran tigers was hanging out right in the front of their enclosure, lying half in the sun, half in shadow.

19 January. Delicious
Ripe strawberry, hanging out under one of my strawberry plants. (And yes, I ate it straight after and it was indeed delicious!)

20 January. Something you saw
My friend Alice’s baby shower was this afternoon – we filled these little boxes (boy and girl ones) with lollies to give out as prizes for the games. I did a trial box-putting-together at home in the morning with this one right here.

21 January. What you do
Drake’s an impatient little thing. When we’re out and about and he decides he’s hungry, I have to feed him straight-away-yes-indeed or he yells super loud and passers by look at me like I’m a terrible person. (This takes approximately 10 seconds from waking to “you’re a terrible person” looks from people.) So I always keep an eye out for parks and other places where I can stop to feed him. This was today’s one – a sheltered small grass lawn at the base of the War Memorial, on the way home from brunch with my lovely friends Lauren and Michel.


6 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. I love these photos! Esp. the one of the cat sleeping. 😉

  2. roxy is so cute!!!

  3. I remember those days well when every shady spot was a potential baby feeding location! The only difference was I had twice the volume LOL.

    I am jealous of your amazing pic of the tiger. Every time I come to the zoo the tigers are hiding. Lions too.

    • I’ve been twice now just before the tiger talk (3.30pm, if I remember correctly. Sometime between 3 and 4pm, anyway) and both times one of the tigers has been hanging out right at the front of the enclosure. I think they get a few treats during the tiger talk, so they hang out anticipating that. (One of them does, anyway!)

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