Photo a Day

Next week of the Photo a Day challenge….

January 8. Something beginning with ‘T’
Drawer full of tea.

January 9. Paper
My lovely sister in law sent me two books for Christmas and I got them today. Thanks Molly! 🙂

January 10. One o’clock
Ok, I admit it. I completely forgot to pull out my camera at 1 o’clock, while I was running errands in town and battling the wind. I got a pic at 3.45 instead, when I remembered the challenge while walking home. This is the little fountain at the base of the War Memorial. I figured the wind-blown water represented what I was doing at 1pm – trying to drink a ginger hot chocolate while pushing a pram one-handed and battling wind. (Did you know that wind can blow hot chocolate out of a cup, even if you have one of those coffee cup lids on it? Yep.)

January 11. Water
One of the plants on the bookcase at the top of the stairs. I keep a bottle of water up there as well, so I don’t have to carry it all the way across the house and up the stairs to water the plants. (Translation: I forget until I see them so if the water isn’t nearby, they tend to get rather thirsty. Poor things.)

January 12. Surprise
My lovely friend Heather found two vintage knitting magazines in an op shop and surprised me with them today. How super-crazy-happy does that lady on the cover look?!?

January 13. Circle
Got some retro egg cups at a clothes swap party yesterday. So we broke them in this morning with soft-boiled eggs and toast soldiers for brunch with our friend Nik.

January 14. Something yellow
My host mother in Hungary made this for Drake and sent it over for Christmas. It’s a hooded towel, with a baby dragon embroidered on it. So lovely and yellow and fluffy and gorgeous, I had to share it.

11 responses to “Photo a Day

  1. Love your pics! I’m doing this challenge too! I’ve put mine on my flickr page, and the group FB page.

  2. Our tea drawers are so similar, I love having a big selection to choose from!

  3. Wow, I want to try all that tea! 😀

  4. You’ve got some great things. I love the knitting books, the sewing book, and the dragon. I’d love to look at the knitting and sewing book at some time!

    And I do the same thing with water and my plant!

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