{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – the letter ‘A’

This weeks Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge required a bit of thought. The theme was ‘the letter A’. Hmmmm……

After a bit of digging around, here’s what I came up with:


Animals, A-line (skirt), Converse All-star (sneakers).

(We left it a bit late to get outfit photos today, so they’re just indoors ones sadly…. Maybe next week.)




Outfit details:
Cardigan – Glassons
Shirt – made by me
Skirt – Juli Hunter (indie NZ label)
Shoes – Converse


4 responses to “{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – the letter ‘A’

  1. Super cute and the mis-matchy buttons are the perfect finishing touch! I can imagine it becoming a favourite of Drakes when he starts talking and can recognise the animals.

    Also I am loving those floor boards, I know that’s random, but we just ripped out all the carpet in our house and letting the Matai breath before the next step so I am currently obsessed with all things floor boards (colour/finish etc) 😉

    Ok, Random Mel out

  2. Creative way to get the ‘A’ and a cute outfit!

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