Photo A Day

I’m carrying on with the Photo A Day challenge this year. I found it really good when I started taking part late in 2012 – I started looking at things a bit differently, stopping to notice details around me more, and I’m hoping my photography is improving as well as a result. 🙂

Here’s the first week of 2013 in photos….

January 1. Today
Steve taking a photo of our cat Roxy playing on the stairs.

January 2. Something new
Made a new toy for the Pieces of Us Project, using a pattern that I hadn’t tried before.

January 3. Heart
Handmade ceramic hearts hanging above the bathroom mirror. I got these at a craft stall at the Nelson markets a couple of years ago – I think the young son of the stall owner made them. I love that they’re wonky and uneven, the imperfection appeals to me a lot.

January 4. The view from here
Looking back along the path we took for an early evening walk.

January 5. Movement
Baby feet discovering movement (in a Jolly Jumper).

January 6. Mine
Vintage salt and pepper shaker set, which was a house warming gift from my friend Jo.

January 7. Street
The corner of Riddiford and Rintoul Streets, Newtown, Wellington.


6 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. I love your photos so I’m glad you are continuing to share them in 2013 too!

    • Thanks Donna! I’m really enjoying the photo challenges – it’s so much fun to go hunting for what to take for the day’s challenge! 🙂

  2. Spookily, I was parked just there on the corner of Riddiford and Rontoul yesterday, just for a few minutes, while picking up a lamp from Hand in Hand. It was more outside the florist, but how funny! And can we see the pic Steve took of the cat as well? 🙂

    • Haha, clearly it was a popular corner that day! 😉

      I’ll get the photo from Steve and put it in the next Photo a Day post for you.

  3. Lovely pics. Just went to the January Photo A Day page and I think I’m going to jump in too. Thanks for the link and the beauty.

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