Photo A Day

Happy New Years everyone! Here’s to 2013 – may it be super fantastic and lovely for you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve still got a couple of 2012 creations to finish writing about, but to start off the new year, here’s the last in the 2012 December Photo A Day challenge….

December 23 – Joy is______
Really, how could I not use a photo of Drake here? He brings me joy, and he’s full of joy (and grins) himself.

December 24 – Tradition/something you always do
My parents gave me this book for Christmas when I was 3 years old. I read it every Christmas Eve (and know most of it by heart). This year, Steve read it to our son (and I) for the first time.

December 25 – Lunchtime
I made my first pavolva! And it turned out ok!!! (Although I’m still slightly scared of making them, even after this one success.)

December 26 – Mess
Some of yesterday’s wrapping paper, waiting to be neatly folded and put away for next year. (Another family tradition – saving any wrapping paper that’s still in decent condition for the following year’s gifts.)

December 27 – How you relax
Sewing! (With my current project sitting in pieces of pink.)

December 28 – Cold
Passionfruit and yogurt Kapiti icecream, while watching an episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 after dinner.

December 29 – Hot
Toast, fresh from the toaster.

December 30 – Something that made you smile this year
Painted the house yellow, with cream trim and blue doors this year. Colours of summer. Makes me smile when I turn onto our street and see it, it’s so bright and cheerful, even in the middle of winter.

December 31 – Self-portrait
Rainbow hair by the roses in the front garden.


8 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Drake is adorable and made me smile.

  2. Happy 2013! Drake looks too cute in that photo!

  3. Such fab colours in your life. And smiles. He’s adorable.

  4. DRAKE IS SO ADORABLE!! That big smile just lit up my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Drake is very cute!

    And I just about squealed when you said about Twas the Night Before Christmas. We do the same thing! And I still have the book that was used when I was a child, and I know most of it off by heart too. When you talked about making ornaments for Drake and I mentioned traditions being great, I was thinking about this one as I typed. It’s a great poem, so lyrical and beautiful.

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