Photo A Day

Carrying on with the December Photo A Day challenge.

15 December – Outdoors
On our evening walk, around near the zoo, pushing Drake in his pram to try to get him to sleep. (Muslin cloth to keep the evening sun out of his eyes.)

16 December – Something you made
Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for our ladies afternoon tea.

17 December – On the floor
Mount Ruapehu doorstop, keeps the door to Drake’s room propped open. (Can you spot the tiny skier halfway up the mountain?)

18 December – Makes you feel merry
Handknitted octopus toy that Drake’s Nanna made for him. He loves it, and the bright colours and smiling face make me smile when I see it.

19 December – Something beginning with ‘s’
Steve. On a slide. Being silly.

20 December – Weather
Hot summer day! Bare feet and grass that needs watered (we’re having a hotter-and-drier-than-usual spring/summer this year).

21 December – Tree
Pohutukawa in flower on the corner of Mein and Daniell streets.

22 December – Decoration
The start of a new tradition – I’m going to make Drake a Christmas ornament each year, with his name and the year on it. Here’s the first one – a star in Christmas colours, with ‘Drake 2012’ stitched on the back.

7 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. That octopus is awesome!

  2. Great idea on the ornaments!

  3. I love that idea for the ornament! And it’s such a lasting gift as well!

    • Thanks Juliet! I’m hoping they’ll be treasured by him in years to come. (May be wishful thinking, but you never know! 😉

  4. Aww, what a great idea for ornaments for Drake! I love Christmas traditions and how wonderful that you are in a place to start creating them!

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