Top 5 of 2012 – the misses

Following on with the Top 5 of 2012 series being hosted by Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow, here’s the top 5 misses I’ve had with my sewing this year.

Which is a bit sad to look back at in a way – the loss of fabric and time and creative hopes. (Although lets be honest here – it’s mainly the loss of fabric and all the potential it had that’s sad. *cry a little tear for fabric hopes lost*) But hey, every failure is an opportunity to learn, right?! So, here goes – the top 5 misses of 2012.

The ‘Didn’t read the instructions’ miss – the gingham shirt
Um, yeah. No excuses here, really. I have a rather terrible habit of launching myself into a new project, without pre-reading the instructions. If I had, I would have realised a bit sooner (i.e. before I started, rather than when I was more than half finished) that the button placket on this is decorative only. I.e. not fit for my intended purpose for it. I also committed my other usual sewing sin and didn’t try it on as I went – far too short, and that neckline won’t even fit over my head. (Heck knows how they managed to get it on in the 1940s?!?) I plan to rescue this though – making the button placket functional and adding some length.

The ‘Poor fabric choice’ miss – the Sunshine Slip
A lovely light silk/cotton blend seems perfect for lingerie, right? Yeah, not so much. That cotton part of the fabric, well, it clings to other fabric. Which is not a good property to have in a slip. This fabric also had a heck of a lot of stretch along the bias, which made it a right pain in the butt to sew. This never even got worn, which is a shame as I love the colour. May have to cut it up and see if I can use the fabric in a lightweight top.

The ‘Really should learn to read instructions first’ miss – the Honey Vegas dress
The "Honey Vegas" Dress
Um, yeah. Maternity dress failure. I saw the pattern envelope, with girls wearing lovely flowing muu muus, and thought “a-ha! Perfect maternity dress style that I can belt to wear again afterwards!”. Not so much. Once again, half way through the project I discovered this is actually quite a fitted style, with a loose bit at the back to give that drapey effect. (Although I am hoping to get some wear out of this next summer!)

The ‘Poor fabric choice’ miss #2 – the Hey, Baby! dress
Heck knows what I was thinking when I got this fabric. It’s so not me at all – not my colour, not my type of print, and definitely not my type of fibre. Sheer yet kinda stiff at the same time, I had to underline it. And that stiffness didn’t work at all with this style dress. Nor did the neckline work on me, being a bit too high. I hated it whenever I wore it. Oops. Heck knows what I’m going to do with it now.

The ‘Poor fabric choice’ miss #3 – the Pixie skirt
This was actually a reincarnation of one of my 2011 failures – the Green Is Green dress. The heavy cotton drill I chose was too stiff for the original dress, so I tried to rescue it by turning it into a skirt. Which just didn’t fit me right, and I didn’t love it, so I gave it away to a friend who did love it. At least this one has found a happy home.

Clearly, there are two main lessons I should have learnt this year – choose fabric wisely, and read the pattern instructions before starting a project. Not sure if I’ve really learnt that first one all that well yet – it’s not uncommon for me to pick a fabric and think “hmmm, not sure if this will work…. oh what the heck, I’ll try it anyway!” and just go for it. That may never change.

Reading the instructions first though? Might have to be a 2013 resolution…..

15 responses to “Top 5 of 2012 – the misses

  1. That was super fun to read! It’s good to know that I am not the only one out there whose projects go wrong sometimes!

    • Haha, nope, definitely not just you! 😉 I have quite a few failures, which mainly stem from my bad habit of jumping into things and experimenting even when I should know better. (Heck knows what that says about me as a person, probably nothing overly good. Oops.)

      Glad you enjoyed the read! 😉

  2. I even like your less loved makes! I usually keep a little pile of prospective patterns on my tv table for instruction perusal before i cut- commercials can be so long between shows!

  3. Oh, the Honey Vegas dress will look so cool on you! It’s such a cool style!

    • Thanks Ginger! I really like the style, think I’ll have to try it on again soon and see how close it is to fitting me, just in case. 😉

  4. Oh I love this idea!. I can think of a few misses! I think I recognize that yellow seersucker!! With sewing there is so much to learn – it is so challenging – many technical aspects to master – fabric choice being just one of them – keep going you are doing great and how much fun is it!!

    • Yep, that’s the yellow I got from you! I am determined that dress will move into my wearable wardrobe for next summer. It’s just so bright and cheerful, it has to!

  5. Hmmmm. I have the same problem with not reading the instructions first. I’ve been telling myself I learn best from my mistakes, but maybe it’s time to try a better approach!

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  7. I really love that yellow slip… like LOVE!!! I totally think you need to line that baby & wear it as a dress; you look HOT!! ^_^

  8. Lost fabric hopes is one of my biggest barriers to making – what if this beautiful “insert fabric here” ruined? RUINED? But I’m trying to tell myself it can always be turned into a smaller garment, then into trim on a garment, then into a bag, then into a headscarf, then into a pincushion, so I should just cut! I think your ability to just go for it is great!

    • I know exactly what you mean – I’ve got a few fabrics that I’m too scared to cut into! :-/ Maybe we need a mini resolution around that, choose a month and challenge ourselves? I keep telling myself that yes, maybe it won’t work out that well made up, but it’s doing no good at all sitting folded in a box!

      • That is EXACTLY what I tell myself too. Then I ignore myself. It’s a tough circle. That’s why I’m telling myself it can always be remade into something else – I’m sure some child would love a hand painted silk dupion toy!

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