Photo A Day

The next line up of the December Photo A Day challenge….

8 December – Someone you love
My mother has been up visiting us for the past few days. (Or to be completely honest, she’s been visiting her grandson. We were just a side note to that story.)

9 December – Out + about
A walk around the zoo on a lovely summer afternoon, we stopped off to see the meercats – our favourites!

10 December – Under
On the evening walk – under a small bridge we push Drake’s pram over. (The bumps from the wooden board put him to sleep.)

11 December – Sweet
A slightly indulgent mid-afternoon snack – chocolate cake (made by a friend of mine), blueberries and mango-and-coconut yogurt.

12 December – Hat
Bought Drake’s first sunhat today.

13 December – Lights
The only house on our street that has Christmas decorations up, it’s across the road from us. Next year, we’ll have lights up too. I’m rather looking forward to having an excuse to get the house all decorated up. 🙂

14 December – Something green
Ivy, a rose and jasmine, running rampant along the top of the wall between our property and the neighbours. (I adore that rose, so this was a good excuse to take a photo of it!)


4 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Drake is so adorable in his hat!

  2. I love Drake’s hat too! Aww and look at your Mum, such a sweet pic xx

    Gosh I am a bit behind with my photos, I better catch up 😉

    • It’s taken me weeks to catch up! I got so behind for a while there, it actually feels a bit odd having the posts up-to-date!

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