{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – 1970s


Another Wednesday, another Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge! This week, the challenge was ‘1970s’.

I must admit, I’m not entirely sure when this dress is from – the time from the mid-1960s to the hideousness of the 1980s is all a bit vague for me as far as style goes (shock! horror!) but my guess is this seems kind of either late 1960s or early 1970s, so I’m going with it for the 1970s challenge. (If anyone who is better at dating that era has a better idea of when this dress is from, I’d love to know. 🙂 )


This is the dress that inspired me to make the ‘Flip Side’ dress the other week – it’s got a centre-front zip. Very, very useful!


Notice the posters in the above photo? One of the power companies here has a great advertising campaign – taking “powers” of different kinds and subverting them. One of my favourites so far as been the Dalek blowing balloon animals.

Outfit details
Dress – vintage, thrifted
Shoes – Adidas
Ice cream (hidden behind my back) – chocolate Trumpet 😉

And just to finish off, a jumping-off-a-bench photo. Yah!



6 responses to “{Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge} – 1970s

  1. It does kind of seem like a late ’60’s/early 70’s kind of dress based on vintage patterns I’ve seen, but i could be wrong. What it really, really makes me think of though, especially with the black and white, is the dress Claudette Colbert wears for most of the movie “It Happened One Night”. Same stripy chevron thing on the bodice with the dark a-line skirt.

  2. I’m so in love with this dress. What an amazing find! You sure do have ‘the eye’ Kat!

  3. That is a lovely dress, I adore the chevron! I have to admire the maker – a perfect chevron and a zip? GIVE ME THEIR MAGIC SEWING POWERS!

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