Photo A Day

Week one of the December Photo A Day challenge….

1 December – 8 o’clock:
8pm – Steve playing with Drake. Turns out that hands with wriggling fingers moving up and down are fascinating to watch.

2 December – Peace:
Freecycle event at Te Papa, held under the Treaty of Waitangi text. (Our first ‘family outing’ to the museum!)

3 December – Something you held:
The first strawberries of the season from my garden.

4 December – Black + white:
Odd chimney things on one of the Wellington Hospital buildings.

5 December – Looking up:
Today’s photo was meant to be of the giant Gollum at Wellington airport, to be taken when we went to collect my mother when her plane arrived, but the weather was terrible so Drake and I stayed home while Steve went by himself. Instead of Gollum, you get one of the cave trolls (also by Weta) who are hanging out on the second floor of Te Papa.

6 December – From where you live/your country:
Maori carving detail on a waka at Te Papa.

7 December – Stars:
Stars on a baby’s trousers.


2 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. oh my he’s getting gorgeous!!

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