Winner winner (chicken dinner)

(Does anyone know where that ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ saying/quote comes from? I’m curious….)

Anyway, it’s time to draw a few giveaway winners!

First up, the Pattern Pyramids.

Stepping on over to my little friend, the random number generator, who proceeds to draw the following name out of the hat for pyramid number one….

Pyramid one

Comment number 5 – Rachel!

And the winner of pyramid number two is….

Pyramid two

Comment number 4 – Sarah!

Congrats ladies. 🙂

(Miss out on these pyramids? If you’re quick there are still some going here, here, here, and here. There’s a pretty good chance of winning one of them as well!)

Next up, the giveaway for the star pincushion.


Once again, the trusty random number generator stepped up to say that the winner is….

Someone who didn’t leave an email address or a blog URL or anyway at all for me to get in touch with them. 😦 Very sorry, mystery person, but if I can’t get hold of you, I can’t let you know you’ve won! So, the random number generator comes out again, and this time draws….

Comment number 31 – Deborah!

Congrats ladies – I’ll be emailing you very soon, and I hope you all enjoy your crafty prizes! 🙂


One response to “Winner winner (chicken dinner)

  1. Well, I am disappointed to have not won, but I am happy for those who did, and, I want to thank Kat for offering such generous giveaways! Congrats to Rachel, Sarah and Deborah, enjoy those prizes!

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