A post-pregnancy outfit

Yesterday evening, we went for a walk along one of our favourite routes – up the hill and through the Truby King gardens. Last time I did this walk I was 9 months pregnant! Because it’s been a while since I did an outfit post as well, I got a few shots up in the gardens. (Not the most exciting outfit, but rather standard at the moment until I either fit back into my wardrobe or give into reality and make some new things to wear for the next couple of months….)

Outfit details:
Cardigan knitted by my mother from a 1940’s pattern
Skirt – thrifted
Socks – Farmers, years ago
Shoes – Adidas
Sunglasses – Karen Walker

3 responses to “A post-pregnancy outfit

  1. Wow that brings back memories. Thirty something years ago my best friend and I worked there during our school holidays and cooked for the nurses. It was an awesome building and what a shame it is not used for its original purpose now.

    • I’d love to see inside the actual building. The grounds are just lovely, in a shabby genteel sort of way. You can almost feel the dedication that’s gone into the whole area.

  2. It looks like a beautiful walk – gorgeous sunshine!

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