Photo a Day

Continuing in the photo a day challenge

13 October
Landscape: Take a photo of the skyline, a landscape you see.

Trees in the town belt, on the path from Newtown to Brooklyn.

17 October
Fruit: Take a photo of a piece of fruit, or a few.

The lone lemon from this lemon tree, fallen and lonely.

18 October
Made you smile today: What made you smile today? Find it. Shoot it. Share it.

My cat Kahlua. She snuggles up next to me while I’m feeding Drake and gives me fluffy cuddles.

23 October
The view from here: Take a photo of your view from where you are. It might be your office, your home, traveling. The everyday can sometimes be very interesting.

The view out the window, taken from where I (usually) feed Drake.

24 October
Weather: Take a photo of the weather today. Let’s travel around the world with everyone’s weather photos.

Typical Wellington day – sunshine, rain, clouds, and the ever-present wind.


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