Carry me away….

So, I’ve been working on a project for nearly 4 weeks now. I started it off for the Western challenge over at the Sew Weekly, but didn’t get time to finish it. Oh well, I thought, I guess that makes it a UFO so I’ll finish it for the UFO challenge. Nope, that didn’t happen either. Never mind, the colour reminds me of cherry blossoms, so it’ll work for the fall palette (or in the case of us in the southern hemisphere, the spring palette) challenge.

And this week, I nearly got it finished! Sure, it’s Friday afternoon, so barely in time for the fall/spring palette challenge, but still. After several weeks, I nearly got a project finished! Even better, it’s the Economy Design 157 pattern, from the Pattern Pyramid pile.

Yeah. Well. Turns out I was so busy trying to grab 10-30 minutes of sewing time here and there over the past few weeks that I forgot about trying this blouse on before I did the finishing binding. Turns out, also, that my head is somewhat bigger than those in the 1940’s.

That’s right – I can’t fit it over my head. 😦 (Heck knows how they managed with getting this style over up-dos back then?!?)

So much for that. I’m going to figure out a way to rescue it, but it’ll involve a fair amount of unpicking, and adding a bit more length to it. So it’s been put to one side until I’m less angry with it (and myself for foolishly not trying it on before doing the bias binding finishes. Duh!) I’ll do a review of the pattern when I’ve rescued this top. But in the meantime, I strongly encourage anyone else who makes this up to try it on over their head asap, and also to add a bit to the length, coz this puppy is rather short!

Anyway, to put myself back in a happy sewing place, I made a baby sling, using this lovely tutorial over at Our Seven Dwarfs.

It was super easy and fast to put together – less than half an hour later (including measuring and pressing time) and I was done! Far happier project outcome than the doomed blouse.

(Sadly though, my sewing machine decided to jam up as I was just finishing it off. I’m hoping there’s nothing too wrong with it – may have to take it into the shop. Eek! I always feel somewhat lost, cast adrift in a sea of sewing-machine-less-ness, when it’s away. Anyone else get those feelings of mild despair/dread at the thought of being without their sewing machine for a few days? Yep, my name’s Kat and I’m a sewing addict.)

Anyway, now we have a cute sling to pop baby Drake in for quick trips to the supermarket/post office/bringing in washing/etc. Sling success = yay!

9 responses to “Carry me away….

  1. Oh no!! That would have made me so mad!! But I do love the sling – think I need one for hanging out the washing as it will save me having to constantly bend down….

  2. Darn it! How annoying! Do you think it may be a child’s size? That collar is so cute – what a poop.

  3. wow, that is one small neck hole!! so not your fault – how were you to know it was actually a doll pattern? lol

  4. Aww, look at Drake! But how annoying about the neck hole! I hope you find a way to fix it!

  5. Oh poor you. I can imagine how frustrating that must be… especially as your time is so much more precious now! Great sling though. Having hands spare is priceless when you have a little baby! He is gorgeous btw x

  6. What a shame about that blouse! It looks like give done a beautiful job of making it. And I’m sure once you recover from the frustration that you’ll do a great job of rescuing it! The sling looks great too, and the contents should remind you that the fact you’ve managed to sew anything at all is pretty damn impressive 🙂

  7. Your sling is marvelous!! Drake is so fantastically adorable 🙂 I’m sorry about the shirt, but it’ll be wonderful once you rescue it, I’m sure!

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