And the Pattern Pyramid winner is…..

…… number 13!

Lucky number 13 (hmmm, extra lucky since it’s Halloween month, perhaps? Do you happen to have a black cat, just to round it all out nicely? 😉 But back to the main post) is….

Debi! Who is eyeing up the Sewaholic Alma pattern. Congrats, Debi! 🙂 I’ll get the pattern pyramid on it’s way to you later this week.

So exciting to see the pyramid travelling around the world once again, this time from New Zealand all the way to Scotland. (If only I was still living in Dunedin, then it could go from the Edinburgh of the South to the one in the North.)

Thanks to everyone who entered – it was fun reading all your comments, and I wish I had enough pattern pyramids to send to all of you! I’m planning another giveaway sometime soon though, so watch this space.

(On a side note, it turns out that baby-induced sleep deprivation makes me ramble a bit.)


3 responses to “And the Pattern Pyramid winner is…..

  1. YIPPPEEEE! So excited!!!

  2. Not rambling at all! I love your photos as well.
    And by the way – I met up with another Wellington Sewing blogger (Nikki’s Stitches) last weekend, and perhaps when you’re a bit more adjusted to life with the little one we Wellington sewing bloggers ought to meet up and have a get-together! If you’re interested, feel free to email me on julietsews (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂

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