Cerise hair

Another month, another new hair colour. This time, Cerise from the Directions range.

Hair colour: Cerise from Directions
Hooded cardigan: from a clothes swap
Denim skirt: from an op shop (hasty ‘I have nothing that fits!’ post-pregnancy purchase a few days ago and on constant wardrobe rotation since then)
Shoes: Converse


7 responses to “Cerise hair

  1. I’d love to do crazy just colors but first I don’t think my hair would survive and second I’m pretty sure my job wouldn’t either. I have plans to get coloured clip ins and dread falls and the like though at some stage.

    • Crazy *hair* colours. Stupid phone.

    • Oh, I don’t know. I find you can get away with quite a lot when you work in an office – you might be surprised how well people take it if you have brightly coloured hair at work. 🙂 Have you seen those coloured clip-ins you can get from Farmers these days? They’re really cheap and in quite a few good colours.

      • missjoiedevivre

        I have plans to try some of those out but they are in the haven’t got around to it bucket at the moment! Will let you know when I try it out…

  2. Love this! It’s a great color!

  3. VERY cute!! No one would guess you’re post pregnancy, you look awesome! 🙂

  4. You fantastic lady you – I adore your hair 🙂

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