Photo A Day

A few more images for the Photo A Day challenge….

28 September
A Good Thing: Take a photo of a good thing {something you saw, something love etc}.

My happy breastfeeding baby – always makes me smile, especially when he’s looking at me at the same time.

29 September
Errand: Take a photo of a errand you’ve done, or need to do, or something else did.

An errand for Monday morning when the mail centre opens – collecting a parcel.

1 October
Where you stood: Take a photo of where you’re standing.

I stand here, in front of Drake’s changing table, several times a day.

2 October
Lunchtime: Take a photo of your lunch, or around you at lunchtime.

Today’s lunch – scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon on the side.

4 October
What you read: Did you read a sign? Are you reading a book? A blog? Shoot and share.

I’m currently reading the latest in the Psy-Changling series by Nalini Singh. Now I just need her to hurry up and publish the next one in the series! (Also, all good book-reading moments are made better with the inclusion of chocolate.)


3 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Makes me feel right nosey looking at these… but I love them all the same!! 🙂

    • Hey, they’re there to be looked at. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying them – I’m finding myself being a bit self-conscious posting non-sewing things on here, but I figure it’s good practice at photography! :-p

  2. What a neat challenge! And your little baby is so precious. 🙂

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