Photo a day

A couple of my friends take part in the Photo a Day challenge, and I’ve been contemplating joining in for a while. It seems like a good way to start improving my photography skills, as well as looking at things a bit more closely than I might otherwise. (And anything that gets us looking at the world a bit differently is good, no?) So here we go, my first few days of the photo a day challenge.

14 September
Favourite: Take a photo of something that you adore!

I love spring. And with spring comes daffodils – my favourite flowers. My mum planted some bulbs when she was up here visiting a couple of months ago, and they’ve started to flower.

15 September
First thing you see: What’s the first thing you see when you wake? Get to work? Or go somewhere? Snap it. Share it.

One of the first things I see every day when I wake up – the light shade in my bedroom.

16 September
Strange: Shoot something strange/unsual in your day.

We went for coffee with friends at Rata cafe, next to the Zealandia nature reserve. Down below the carpark, we found this little monitoring station, tucked into a corner. These things always intrigue me – what do they monitor? And why?

And that’s as far as I got before our little lad Drake arrived and everything else got put on hold for a couple of weeks….


2 responses to “Photo a day

  1. What a lovely idea. I do hope you keep sharing your pics with us. A lot of my friends use Blipfoto too with the objective of taking a photo a day for a whole year! Very impressive.

    • Thanks Janene – I must say, it feels a little weird sharing non-sewing photos, but I’m hoping to keep it up so I can get in a decent amount of photography practice (and hopefully improve my sewing related photos as a result!)

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