Dark Tulip and the zoo

Time for another hair colour! This time, I went for one of my favourites that I haven’t used for, oh, must be nearly a year now (yikes!). Dark Tulip, from the Directions range.

We went for a wander to the zoo yesterday afternoon (always a good excuse to get out of the house and get some fresh air). Just to be different, we didn’t visit the Meercats. Instead, we went the other way, and got to see a tuatara, two kiwi (I never have any luck spotting them in the kiwi house, so it was pretty awesome seeing two of them! Especially since one was randomly calling out. I’d never heard a live kiwi call before, those things are loud!), spider monkeys (so cute! One had a little baby monkey on it’s back), lemurs and emperor tamarinds. And the pelican. I’m never quite sure what to make of the pelican at the zoo. It’s a crazy animal. And going by the look in it’s eyes, crazy in pretty much every way you can think of! Zoo animal most likely to go serial killer, I suspect.

The bump is at 38 weeks now. So in theory our little creature could arrive any day, which is rather exciting and terrifying all at once! Apparently it’s all in the right place, so now we’re just playing the waiting game. I had my last day at work on Friday. Very odd to think about not going back there for 6 months…. Hopefully now that work is over with, I’ll have a bit more energy to do things like craft and finish organising the baby’s room. (Or I may just read a heck load of books.)


12 responses to “Dark Tulip and the zoo

  1. You are looking fantastic. Good luck with the birth and I think your baby is due on my son’s birthday! My hubby used to look after the spider monkeys and we actually called our other son after his favorite monkey “Sam”. I think he has probably passed away now but when we used to visit him he liked to look through Steve’s hair for nits or maybe he was just grooming him.

    • Thanks Jo! 🙂 Baby is due on 14 September (which I figure means it’ll turn up any day except then, haha!)

      Wow, looking after the spider monkeys! That sounds like a rather awesome job. They’re so adorable!

  2. Pregnancy suits you well Kat…you do indeed look fantastic. Love that hair colour on you. Can’t wait to meet your ‘kitten’! x

  3. Hi Kat not long to go now, I’m so excited for you. Look at that marvellous bump!! Enjoy your time off, I can’t wait to see your little babes xxoo all the best lovely lady.

  4. Love the hair colour. I was never that brave. If i was you i would read as many books as possible. Unless you have the perfect baby (sleepwise – of course he/she will be perfect:-) it may be a while before you have the headspace again.took me a good year:-[.

  5. Super excited for you both, you look wonderful! I really love the tulip colour too.

  6. Ohh I haven’t been to the zoo in aaaages, I should go soon 🙂 You are looking fabulous, I love the stripes, good luck with the birth and being a new mummy xx

  7. You look magnificent!!! Love the color and love your fabulous bump 🙂

  8. Thinking of you this week Kat! Good luck guys!

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