‘Eggplant’ = bright burgundy?

Since we’re heading into spring (yay! Totally my favourite season of the year, yes indeedy), I figure it’s about time I moved away from the blues and purples I’ve been playing with for the past few months, and head back towards reds and pinks. For my hair colour, that is.

And because I tend to forget what each colour actually looks like when it’s been freshly dyed, I’m also going to start capturing them on film. Just so I can look back and figure out which ones I did actually like the best, in case I want to repeat any particular colours.

Anyway, I thought a nice transition towards the bright pinks of summer from my (now previous) purple would be dark purple-red, then burgundy, then moving towards pinker reds.

‘Eggplant’ from the Stargazer range seemed to be a good first choice. A very dark burgundy, apparently.

Yeah, right.

And that’s in the shade. Wanna see it with a bit of daylight on it? (Not even direct sunlight – it was rather overcast when we took the photos. I tells ya, this colour is going to glow in direct sun!)

Definitely a bit brighter than I was expecting. Not what I’d call ‘eggplant’ in colour, by any stretch of the imagination.

Guess I’m just jumping to those brighter pink-reds a bit faster than planned. But hey, nothing wrong with that. 🙂

It also turns out that my hair isn’t completely even at the back. Which I had no idea about until this photo. Hmmmm. Might be time for a hair cut…..

And just because it seems almost impossible to have photos without a side-on bump shot, here’s a 34 week bump. *shrug*

So, thoughts on the ‘eggplant’ shade? Yes? No? Any colour requests for next time?


3 responses to “‘Eggplant’ = bright burgundy?

  1. Just a random note, when I was pregnant, my hair did weird things when I tried to dye it. One time I dyed my hair red, and within a week, all the dye had faded from my hair. It was really weird. So, maybe the brightness/unevenness is due to the pregnancy….just a thought.

  2. I’d like o see you announce the birth with blue or pink hair for us! I sure miss having fun hair- it’s fireable at my job now?!

  3. Michelle has a good point – my obstetrician and midwife both said a few times that pregnancy does lots of weird things to your body.

    It would be very interesting to see if the colour came out the same at another point in time.

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