Stripes and bumps

Golly gosh, it’s been over a week since I last posted. Oops! Ah well, I’m back now, with an outfit post for today’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge.

Today’s challenge theme was ‘patterned socks/stockings’. So I pulled my sparkly-purple-and-black striped over-the-knee socks out for a day at the office. Check it out – they match my hair. Hah.

Cardigan – Glassons
Dress – clothes swap
Red merino top – clothes swap
Necklace – Miss G
Over-the-knee socks – bought in Shanghai
Boots – from Mischief shoes about 8 years ago
Bump – 32 weeks (and yeah, I feel huuuuuge today. Heck knows how much bigger this thing is going to get over the next 7 weeks….!!!)

Things to do while 32 weeks pregnant – renovate the kitchen. Yes, that’s our kitchen I’m standing in. This morning, it had things like cabinets, benches, an oven, and a ceiling. Not so much now. But more on that in another post, some other day. Time I got back to lying on the couch reading other people’s blogs. Which is always the best way to spend a Wednesday evening, right?


6 responses to “Stripes and bumps

  1. OMG, you are fully pregnant now! You look amazing, I love your bump!!

  2. YOU LOOK MAGNIFICENT! And I just love your coordinating socks and hair 🙂

    • If only i’d gotten the photos taken at work, then I could have shown off how well my hair and socks coordinated with the Swiss ball I sit on. :-p

  3. You seem to have gotten a little bit (maybe a lot) larger, fast. You look great. Best to be renovating your kitchen before baby arrives. Good choice there. 😎

    I am trying to figure whose blog you are reading in the photo!

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