A British-inspired ladies afternoon tea

A group of the girls I work with and I have started having regular ladies afternoon teas. We’ve had two so far – the first at a lovely restaurant in town, where we had high tea. Sadly, my camera died at the first photo, so I don’t have any pretty pics to share from that, which is a real shame as Hippopotamus (where we had high tea) is lovely – random chairs covered in pink and blue fabrics, pretty mis-matched china, and the most gorgeous tiered plates of high tea treats!

Anyway, after the fun we had having high tea at Hippopotamus, we decided we’d do this regularly, and promptly scheduled the next one as an afternoon tea at one of the girls houses. For added fun, we thought we’d go with a little bit of a British theme for it. (Not that we followed the theme very closely at all, but hey, the thought was there!)

And now, just because I’m hungry and waiting for dinner to cook, I thought I’d attempt to make you all a bit hungry as well and share what we had for afternoon tea the other weekend…..

The lovely Laurna with the spread. (Considering there were only four of us, we may have gone slightly over-board with the making of tasty treats….)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and caper mini blinis, made by Jane.

Cucumber sandwiches by Jane, cheese and picked onion toothpicks by Laurna, and cheese puffs by me.

Lemon scones with whipped cream and lemon curd by Naomi; cute little cherry cakes by Laurna, cupcakes with blue strawberry icing and rice bubble and coconut balls by me.

Bakewell slice and gluten-free biscuits by Naomi, and just for a touch of Britain, a tea cozy and napkins.

We had such a lovely afternoon, eating lots of treats, drinking lots of various types of tea, and chatting away. Girly afternoon teas are the best! 🙂


4 responses to “A British-inspired ladies afternoon tea

  1. Mmmmm…what a marvellous idea! x

  2. Enjoy while you can 🙂

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