Pink and purple

Turns out it’s been a while since I posted a Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge post. Oops!

Anyway, today’s challenge was ‘purple’. Which happens to be one of my favourite colours. It’s right up there with pink. And orange. Yes indeed.

Although it also turns out that I don’t have any purple maternity clothes. Hmmmm.

I do, however, have a purple wrap cardigan, which works very well with a baby bump. Gotta love the adjustable-ness of wrap cardigans!

I also have a pair of dark purple flat shoes. Sadly this week I’ve had to wave goodbye to my high heels – the bump is just too heavy out in front and even low high heels are hurting my back. *sigh* I held out as long as I could, but I think it’s going to be flats (most of) the way from now on…..

Outfit details
Purple wrap cardigan from an op shop
Me-made Journey dress
Grey merino top from NZ designer Kate Watts
Black merino knee-high socks
Purple shoes from NZ brand Minx
Bump: 30 weeks (and looking rather like a basketball, haha!)


One response to “Pink and purple

  1. Love the fabric of ur dress 🙂

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