Pretty vintage crafty things

A couple of weeks ago, I had a visit from my friend Faith, who I went to primary school with many many years ago, and who I hadn’t seen for years! It was just a quick visit – we’re definitely going to have to catch up longer another time.

Faith came by to give me a lovely present – some vintage fabrics, patterns, and a couple of things she’d made. Thanks, Faith! You totally made my day. 🙂

She’d been in a second hand shop and spotted these vintage maternity patterns and picked them up for me:

Simplicity 7913 from 1968 and Simplicity 7393 from 1967.

And there was this gorgeous fabric, two pretty vintage fabrics:

(I’m going to wait until I’m not pregnant to use these – they’re far too pretty to only wear for a few months!)

And this cute wincyette (brushed cotton) with teddy bears all over it, that I’ll be using for something baby-related:

She also made me this adorable pin cushion and a fox badge (a fox because of the crafty group I’m part of – the Crafty Foxes:

How cute are they?!?

Thanks Faith! 🙂 Now I’m off to figure out what to use the teddy bear print fabric for first….. Any suggestions?


5 responses to “Pretty vintage crafty things

  1. Aww, what a sweet gift!

  2. Hmm, if you have enough of the wincyette, it would make gorgeous cot sheets. Or if you want to make a garment perhaps a smock (most baby clothes these days are knit, so it would be a vintage style :-)) There are so many little baby things too; burping cloth, bibs, wipes etc. . .

  3. Cool pressie 🙂 A useful but boring thing could be to use it as a feeding cover (also useful as a stop being nosey baby and go to sleep cover 🙂 ). Otherwise like Nicola said it would make cute reusable wipes. Oh with some terry towling on the back you could make some bibs (useful for little bubs who puke and drool lots).

    • Oooh, yes, I really need to go and get some terry toweling…..! So many cute fabrics, so many bibs likely to be needed, no toweling to do it with. Hah. :-p

  4. This is a fabulous gift, and I love your fox badge!!

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