A touch of the ’40s

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe challenge was ‘1940s’.

Funnily enough, I don’t fit into my 1940’s dresses at the moment, so I had to satisfy my 1940s urges with a few pieces instead – a bolero, hair flower, and shoes.

Me-made 40s Tartan bolero
Me-made Generations dress
Pink merino top from Glassons
Bird necklace from a shop in Queenstown
Belt from an op shop
Columbine tights
Soles shoes

I tried to do victory rolls, but they didn’t go so well (I really need to practice more!) so contented myself with a flower in my hair instead.

And then proceeded to carry red lipstick around in my bag all day, and never got around to putting it on. Hah! Something else to practice – wearing lippy.


6 responses to “A touch of the ’40s

  1. I love this outfit – you look beautiful!

  2. My thoughts entirely…. You look soooo beautiful Kat x

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