Colouring in for grown-ups

Did you like colouring in as a child? I did. I remember trying so hard to keep between the lines. And the time there was a craze going around my primary school where you only coloured in the lines. And then when we were all colouring in by drawing patterns instead of solid colour.

Ah, felt-tip pens. How awesome you are. *nostalgic moment*

Anyway. I still like colouring in, only these days I colour in things that aren’t colouring-in books. Like my hair. And my wardrobe. And now, my house.

First, take one house. Fairly standard colours – off-white with dark green trim. A bit shabby around the edges – looks like it could do with a paint, doesn’t it?

Then, add one painter, and a couple of new colours, and if you’re me you end up with a house looking like this…

I like to think it will remind people of spring, even on a dreary grey windy Wellington winter day. 🙂

Colours used are all from Resene paints. Saffron yellow, Half Spanish White for the trim, and Atoll blue/green for the doors.

I can’t wait for next spring/summer, when all the roses bloom out the front in a riot of pinks. I reckon they’ll look fabulous next to that yellow, don’t you?

So there we have it – my latest colouring-in project! (My apologies to all our neighbours who wake up with hangovers on a Sunday morning and have to look at this house glowing in the sun when they draw back their curtains.)


6 responses to “Colouring in for grown-ups

  1. I love it! I love houses being interesting colours. White, Schmite!

    • 🙂 And as an added bonus, it makes it super-easy to give directions. Street name, then ‘bright yellow house’. Ha!

  2. Ps Must have taken a hua of a lot of felt tip pens hehehe

  3. Love the combination- warm and inviting!

  4. A friend of mine lived with her family in NZ, where they lived (can’t remember) their house was the only one that wasn’t white in the whole town. The kids always said it’s the blue house or whatever colour it was. Funny.

  5. Darling! It’s so chipper and fun – it looks fantastic!!

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