The final days of Me-Made-May ’12

Wow, a whole month of Me-Made-May has gone by so quickly! Eek! Once again, all those plans I had of making lots of lovely new things to wear during May haven’t really come to fruition. Ah well, one of these me-made months I’ll be completely organised in advance! (Yeah, right.)

But here they are, the last outfits for this Me-Made-May…..

28 May

Mustard yellow cardi from Glassons
Red merino top from a clothes swap
Me-made Generations dress
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Grey heels with skulls and roses embossed on them from Dr Martens

29 May

Petrol blue cardi from Glassons
Red merino top from a clothes swap
Scarf from the lovely Debi in Scotland
Me-made Hey, Baby! dress (first time worn!)
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Adidas sneakers from walking home (imagine this outfit with burgundy heeled saddle shoe type shoes instead, ok?)
And my cat Kahlua sitting next to me. Ain’t she cute? 😉

30 May

Pink cardigan from a clothes swap (or maybe an op shop? I forget….)
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Me-made Generations dress
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Tan-and-purple high heels from I Love Paris
Check it out – we have a meeting room with beanbags and stencils of Optimus Prime in our office. How cool is that? (Side note: beanbags are not all that comfy when you’re a few months preggers, although not as hard to get out of as one might think). I’m trying to pretend I’m holding Optimus’ hand, but it’s a bit hard to hold the hand of a stencilled Transformer, as it turns out…..

31 May
The last day of Me-Made-May ’12!

Me-made 70’s Lounge cardigan
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Me-made Journey dress
Black knee-high socks
And my walking-home-from-work sneakers

And now, just for the heck of it, want to see how much ‘the bump’ has grown over May? Here’s photos from 3 May and 31 May, side-by-side….. (And no, I can’t fit into that brown plaid dress comfortably anymore.)

So, what did I learn from Me-Made-May ’12?

  • I still need to make more separates. And more cardigans. I learn this every time, yet every time there’s a me-made month, I still don’t have anywhere enough of either of those things!
  • I get bored with my outfits a lot faster when I’m taking photos of them every day. Wearing an outfit once every week doesn’t seem that boring, until you have photographic evidence that you’ve done it, and you want to share those photographs. Then it starts getting a bit dull….. Hmmmm….. Not a problem I’ve run into with me-made months before, but then, about 90% (at least) of my me-made wardrobe is currently unwearable, so I expect this to correct itself more-or-less by the time the next me-made month rolls on by 🙂
  • Roping in other people to help take photos makes things a bit more fun – it was a nice random diversion during the working day to go and hunt down an interesting meeting room that wasn’t in use for an outfit photo. I’m thinking next me-made month it’ll be a good excuse to catch up with various friends for coffee/lunch more often, for photos in random places and with lovely people
  • I like me-made months. They’re awesome, and having to take a photo every day makes me think about what I’m wearing a bit differently too (even if I don’t do anything differently)

And there’s another me-made month been and gone! It was fun. I’m looking forward to the next one, and plan to actually sew up a lot more cardigans for it so you don’t have to see the same few on high rotation! 😉


2 responses to “The final days of Me-Made-May ’12

  1. lovely outfits and seeing the bump grow ! Hope you well hun x

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