Fabric-a-brac times

Down this way, there’s a lovely twice-yearly event held, that goes by the name of Fabric-a-brac. It’s a mecca of sewing goodness, with lots of stalls where people sell sewing-related things. Fabric, notions, patterns, other random sewing/knitting/embroidery things – it’s all there. It’s held as a fundraiser for the local hospice, with money from stall hire, the tea-coffee-and-cake stand, and the hospice stand all going straight to the hospice. The hospice stall is one of my favourite parts – lots of people donate fabric and other sewing things and it gets manned by volunteers. There’s always a fascinating collection of things on it, and some good bargains to be had. And all for a good cause!

(I’ve helped out the last few times it’s been run as well, helping set up the hospice stall (measuring and pricing fabric donations) and run it on the day. It’s a good day – being surrounded by fabric, lots of crafty people, and donating time for a good cause. Gotta love it.)

Anyway, the latest Fabric-a-brac was held two weeks ago (yes, it’s taken me that long to finish this post!), and crammed full of people selling crafty things!

Now, this is where volunteering is actually a bit dangerous. You see, you’re behind the hospice table (which is actually 2-3 tables), putting out all the donated fabric for sale. I dare any of you crafty types to do that for even half an hour without buying some fabric yourself – you’re the first to see it when it goes out, and it’s all for a good cause. I find it pretty much impossible to resist!

So, yes. I walked home with two bags stuffed full of fabric and related goodies. Ahem. So much for not adding to my stash…..

(But it’s for a good cause, right?!?)

Wanna see what I got? (Whether you do or not, I want to show it off, so here goes!)

A few non-fabric things – several metres of pink lace, a couple of spools of thread, and a vintage pattern that I picked up to have as a giveaway item sometime soon (as soon as I check all the pieces are there).

Dusky pink wool/acrylic type blend and matching lining, which I was rather excited to find as I’ve been wanting to find some good coat fabric to make a 1950’s style swing coat that fits over my bump for winter. Yay!

Here’s something else I’ve been wanting to find for a while – interesting, and good quality, swimsuit fabric! Far more than I need – I haven’t measured this, but I’m guessing there’s a good 4-6 metres there.

Lots of cute cottons and blends for pretty summer tops and blouses. (The teal blue floral even had a matching zip and a ‘Veilla cotton lawn’ tag pinned to it. I’d love to know the stories behind all these pieces of fabric and how they made their way to the hospice stall.)

Two vintage-looking prints – not really my colour, but how could I pass them by?? Especially since they’re border prints – not something I come across very often, so gotta grab them when I find them.

A length of blue floral tshirting for some bump-friendly tops.

A couple of types of lingerie fabric, which is something else I’ve been meaning to get for ages, so I was pretty happy to find these for $1 each! There’s a good 4-5 metres of that plain pink one, even. I need to make some slips that fit over the bump – my regular one is getting a bit tight.

Some pretty blues – an acrylic-blend (I think) woven plaid, and a cotton drill with diagonal stripes through it. There’s a good 5 metres of that blue with stripes – one day, it’s destined to become a 1950’s style dress with a full skirt. Or maybe a 1940’s dress with a sailor-style collar…..

And this synthetic stuff – I have no idea what it is, but it seems pretty vintage-y to me. I’m thinking 1940’s (post-pregnancy) dress with this one. It’s got a good weight to it and I think it’ll drape beautifully.

And last but not least – Steve was the official photographer on the day, and in his mission of getting photos of the stalls he found this 1970’s Golden Hands magazine and bought it for me. Check out the crochet outfit!


6 responses to “Fabric-a-brac times

  1. My goodness you managed to get a good haul together while being stuck behind a stall! Lucky for me I was stuck behind my own – but I still managed to score a few finds :):):)

  2. Ooh fun! Sounds like a great day!

  3. I volunteer! Sign me up!. Love the pic of the 4 prints, the strawberrys are my favourite! Vyella is a wool and cotton blend – perfect for Wellington. I had a red paisly blouse as a kid in it – fabric was from Thompsons – long gone now from Cuba St. Love the Blue stripey one – fun with stipes – yay! Also I can’t wait for you to start a trend in hand croched lampshades – you hipster you! x

    • I must admit, it’s oddly tempting to try making that crochet lampshade! (The crochet suit, however, may be just a bit too much….)

      Thanks for the info about Vyella – it’s not something I’ve come across before. 🙂

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