Pretty vintage patterns gift

A few weeks back, I had a lovely comment on one of my posts from a local lady, Jo, who offered me some vintage maternity patterns she’d found. How exciting is that?!?! Thank you so much, Jo!!!

Jo gave me four lovely patterns – three maternity ones, and one that could very easily be worn during maternity times. Here they are:

Australian Home Journal 8821, a cute maternity smock with two variations.

Australian Home Journal 5427, a maternity “frock” with two variations. I especially like View A, with the collar and little cuffed sleeves.

Simplicity 7088, from 1967. While not technically a maternity pattern, I think this would work really well due to all the volume in the back.

Australian Home Journal 8332, a maternity suit with a cute little Peter-Pan style collar and slim skirt.

So, I’m about to start work on making up one of these patterns. Want to guess which one? Just for the fun of it, I’ll send a little prize to the first person who correctly guesses which of these four patterns is next up on my cutting table. 🙂 (Play fair though – only one guess each!)

11 responses to “Pretty vintage patterns gift

  1. Well if it were me I would go for the last pattern but I have a feeling you will be making the first one view B. I would love to knit something for your baby so let me know a colour preference.

    • Oh Jo, that’s so sweet of you! 🙂 We’re waiting until the baby’s born to find out what it is, so any colour is fabulous. 🙂

  2. How lovely! I guess number two. I love how the third one echoes a watteau back 18th C gown.

  3. I personally like the third one the best – I think it is beautiful. I’m not much of a fan of smocks, and I’m sure I’ll stay away from vintage patterns when I get pregnant.

  4. I go with number one! Love that tab collar detail! What a lovely gift!!

  5. I hope you are going for simplicity 7088. It’s so different to the usual smock style!

  6. I am betting Simplicity 7088!

  7. I have the weird cape pattern. Been trying to figure out how to make it more fitted. A belt that goes through to holes at the cape bit? A bit of elastic from side seam to side seam under the cape? It looks very late 60s cocktail party to me.

    • I agree – it just screams out ‘cocktail party’! I was looking through the pattern instructions, and interested to see that the back has stays with a bra strap closure under the cape part, to keep it draping nicely off the shoulders. I’m very curious to see if that works to keep it from being too flowing, or if I need to add a belt as well…. Stay tuned, and we’ll find out soon enough! 😉

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