Me-Made-May week 3

Ready for the third week of Me-Made-May ’12 in pictures? Here we go!

Random photo theme this week is work-related. Around my office, we have some rather creative meeting rooms. No two are the same, and I love them all. So this week, I thought I’d share some of them with you, just for the fun of it. (And a big thank-you to my friend-and-colleage Gill, who was my photographer for the week!)

14 May

Me-made ‘ello Dollface top
Purple merino top from Glassons (anyone starting to pick up on one of my winter wardrobe staples yet?!?)
Black knit skirt from Obi (from a clothes swap at some point, I think)
Floral and polka dot knee-high socks from Columbine
Dr Marten knee-high boots
Bird necklace from Equip
Meeting room: what I call ‘The Conservatory’. It’s got funky wooden lampshades, lots of little shelves with plants in pots, and a bunch of plants in upside-down planters dangling from the roof. So much greenery in one place, it always smells fresh and spring-like. Great to hang out in in the middle of winter!

15 May

Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress from a clothes swap party
Purple merino top from Glassons
Black maternity tights from Lyric
Burgundy shoes from Sole
Bug necklace from a little shop in Taupo
Meeting room: known by many names, including ‘The Green Room’, ‘The Park Room’, and (my favourite) ‘The Narnia Room’. Also known as the uncomfortable room, as quite frankly those bench seats aren’t particularly good to sit on for long. The carpet-that-looks-like-long-grass, on the other hand, is very comfy to sit on for a meeting.

16 May

Me-made Braveheart dress (yes, again! It’s getting a bit too small now though, so after today it got regulated to the things-to-wear-post-pregnancy section of my wardrobe)
Burgundy merino top from Glassons
Meeting room: the other one with park benches, carpet that represents grass, and a lamppost. Only this one has paintings of bamboo on the wall, and a very (veeeeery) scary gnome in one corner. The gnome freaked me out so much I couldn’t get a photo of it. *shudder*

17 May

Me-made Journey dress
Cardigan from Glassons
Coat from Glassons
Scarf – gift from the lovely Debi in Scotland as part of last year’s Sew Weekly patterns swap
Knee-high woolly socks
Adidas sneakers to walk home in
No random meeting room today – instead you get a quick shot of Wellington harbour at dusk as Steve and I walked home. Isn’t the harbour and sky such a pretty pale pink?

18 May

Me-made Owls About It dress (first time worn!)
Burgundy merino top from Glassons
Maternity leggings from Lyric
Converse sneakers
Vintage belt from an op-shop in Rangiora
Kate Sylvester sunglasses

19 May
No pic today as the outfit is one you’ve already seen a few times – my me-made Journey dress, green 1940’s cardigan knitted by my mother, brown over-the-knee socks, and pink Dr Marten boots. While I thought about taking a photo just because the boots haven’t appeared on here yet, I decided not to bore you with a repetitive outfit.

20 May

Me-made Generations dress
Mustard yellow cardi from Glassons
Blue merino top from Glassons (bought at an op shop)
Over-the-knee purple socks from Glassons (now I sound like a Glassons ad -argh)
Shoes from a shop in Napier
Feather necklace by Miss G

3 responses to “Me-Made-May week 3

  1. Fab outfits and I love your mixture of indoor and outdoor shots!

  2. That evening pink color is amazing! And how cool is that your meeting rooms have decoration themes!?! I’m so impressed w/ how you are adapting your self-made wardrobe with your pregnancy. 🙂

  3. I love the pink photo outside! It’s so lovely of you 🙂 I also am a big fan of your meeting rooms – I wish we had that here!! It would be so wonderful to work in a room full of plants 🙂 Fabulous outfits – I love your Napier shoes!

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