{Outfit post} Blue and red

Cardigan: Glassons
Dress: from a clothes swap party
Tights: Columbine maternity range
Boots: from Mischief shoes about 6-7 years ago
Necklace: made from vintage Crown Lynn pottery, from a craft market in Queenstown
Jacket: gift from my friend Christina
Scarf: me-made
Hair: purple
Cat lying on it’s side at the edge of one photo: Roxy
Bump: 20 weeks

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was all about the colour – coloured tights, that is. Turns out there isn’t a great range of maternity-friendly coloured tights out there, but I found this pair of Columbine footless ones in Farmers the other day. (I still don’t really understand the appeal of footless tights. You can’t wear high heels with them in winter coz your feet get cold. What’s the point?!?)

Bump is getting bigger. 20 week scan tomorrow morning – eek! We’re now at the halfway point. (More or less.)

3 responses to “{Outfit post} Blue and red

  1. I like the color combo! And I too don’t get the footless tight thing; I wouldn’t know what to do with them. The bump looks lovely!!

  2. I like this outfit, it’s all about celebrating the bump and that makes it look lovely!

  3. footless tights make heaps of sense! I wear them a lot to work (since kids put their hands and heads up my skirts) and pair them with jandals or ballet flats.

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